The United Press March

"The United Press March" was created on commission from then-UP President Hugh Baillie in 1952 by composer and conductor Paul Lavalle. It was not uncommon for news organizations to commission such works. Most major U.S. newspapers had official marches, with Sousa's "Washington Post March" the most famous.

For several years in the 1960's, "The United Press March" was used as the theme music for the annual yearend news summary program produced by the UPI Audio network. The 1965 and 1966 versions of that program, titled "Playback '65" and "Playback '66" were also issued in vinyl LP form by Decca records.

From the 1930's into the 1970's, Lavalle was a well-known composer and performer of march and other band music, with numerous recordings to his credit. Through the intervention of famed United Press London correspondent (and musician) Robert Musel, "The United Press March" was performed during the coronation ceremonies for Britain's Queen Elizabeth.

"The United Press March" was commercially available as both a 45 RPM single record and as part of one of Lavalle's numerous LP's. See below.

The radio broadcast version was donated by David Baillie, son of Hugh Baillie, to Dick Harnett, founder of the -95- newsletter and the Downhold Wire.

After nearly a half century in musical obscurity, "The United Press March" received another prominent public performance on March 8, 2003.

As the president of Washington's famed "Gridiron Club," and responsible for its sole function .. the annual VIP dinner ... former UPI Managing Editor and Washington Bureau Manager Ron Cohen obtained the orchestration instructions for the march and arranged its performance by the United States Marine Band ("The President's Own"). On hand for the performance were President George W. Bush and numerous former and current employees of UPI. In the manner of former military personnel honoring their service songs, the UPI table contingent rose from their seats for the UP March .. to the cheers of former colleagues.

Here are TWO MP3 versions of the UP March ... the first from a radio broadcast, with introductory material; the second from a higher fidelity commercial recording.

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UP March .. Radio Broadcast.. in lower-fidelity mp3 (about 1.6 megs)

UP March .. HiFi LP version.. in Hi-Fi mp3 (about 2.7 megs).