Closing words of final UPI Radio Newscast ... 12n edt 8/19/1999:

On a personal note. This is the last day of operations at UPI Radio. The UPI radio network ceases to exist after today and service will be transferred to AP. I know I speak for all of us in the broadcast division when I say it has been an honor to have been associated with such a professional and historic organization.

I'm Shirley Smith ... and that's the news from United Press International.

Final UPI Radio wire billboard:

UPI Radio Network-Audio Cuts-1210pm Hourly Feed for 8-19-99
First transmitted 1210pm Eastern; 910am Pacific; 1610 GMT
Following cuts fed at 1210pm Eastern

63 100 V Chicago (Max Zielinski)
The Midday Commodity Report.

64 34 V Wash (UPI's Neal Augenstein)
John Kennedy Junior's final flight came close to a jet before it crashed.

65 35 V Wh Hse (UPI's Don Fulsom)
President Clinton is celebrating his birthday and preparing to fly to Massachusetts to start a nearly two-week family vacation.

66 03 A Undated (UPI's Dennis Daily)
The final cut.
(UPI Radio Network)

The producer this hour is Rod Bower.
Telephone 1-800-743-4874; international dial direct +1-202-898-8111.

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