Audio Clips from the last day of UPI Radio and related material:

upiradio-downclose.mp3 ... This clip, running about 8 minutes, contains three of UPI's final broadcast transmissions in chronological order:

1.) The 12 noon EDT  newscast, delivered by Shirley Smith

2.) The final audio news feed.

3.) The last broadcast to go out under the UPI name, a business report delivered by Craig Smith at 12:31 PM.

upi-radio.mp3... This is a 14-minute segment of the public affairs program "Issues," which aired on WTOP and WGMS radio in Washington on the weekend following the UPI Radio's downclose. It includes the full "Retrospective" from the link below.

upi-wtopnews.mp3 ... These are two short news pieces about the end of UPI's broadcast operation, produced by Tom Foty, that aired on all-news WTOP radio in Washington on August 19, 1999. The entire clip runs about 1:17.

upi-wtopnews2.mp3 ... Two more short news pieces about UPI Audio/Radio. Produced by Howard Dicus, these also aired on August 19, 1999 on all-news WTOP radio in Washington. The entire clip runs about 1:30

RETROSPECTIVE: Link to streaming and downloadable versions of 1988 retrospective of the network's then 30 year history, produced by Mike Freedman.

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