During most of its history as a news agency audio service, UPI produced a program at the end of the year .. summarizing the previous year's major developments.

It included the sounds of newsmakers and events and in most years, the voices of UPI reporters.

In the early 1960's,  UPI had a competitor in the audio field. Despite the similarity in names, Radio Press International was not originally related to United Press International ... it had been formed from a couple of smaller services for radio stations, combining parts of their names. RPI also produced yearend highlight programs for a few years.

On January 1, 1966, UPI aquired RPI and merged it with its existing Audio service, with staff members from both.

The "yearenders" below include three of RPI's programs and all of UPI's from 1959 to 1994.

The formats changed somewhat through the years... with reporters highlighted in some years and not in others. Two other yearenders were produced in 1995 and 1996, but are not currently available. UPI did not produce such programs after that in the final years of its radio service, which was closed in August of 1999.

These files are highly compressed in the mp3 format. The longer ones might take a little time to download.

"LP" in the filenames means these programs were commercially issued in vinyl record form, which was the source material.  The others were retrieved from various forms of tape. Most were copied from higher quality original open reel tape. A few are from promotional cassettes.

The current UPI has posted excerpts from these programs, with transcripts and pictures.

Click HERE to go to the UPI website for those excerpts.