This is a ten-minute excerpt from CBS Radio's coverage of D-Day as the news was breaking.

CBS continued to feed programming past its normal closing time.

With no Allied confirmation and little other souce available, at around 3AM Eastern War (NY) Time, CBS' Robert Trout filled some airtime by stretching his microphone cable from a studio into the CBS newsroom .. specifically to the teletype room.

There, he read the latest incoming stories from Reuters, INS, AP and UP.

It is of special interest to wire service history aficionados because of its essentially unedited and unfiltered time capsule nature of what was moving on the major wires at a key moment in time. Not even "rip and read," this was just a "read" ... of the rawest wire copy, complete with some explanations of the bells.



This particular clip was contained in a 90-minute commemorative segment on WAMU's "Big Broadcast" program in Washington, DC on June 10, 2012, narrated by veteran DC broadcaster ED Walker. The aired version of it was noticeably off-speed, with Trout's voice having a higher pitch than his real voice. It has been digitally corrected to more closely approximate his actual sound. That added more than a minute to the running time.

For those interested in more about this subject, there is a lot more material about D-Day Radio coverage in general on various websites, including

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