1986 Departing Notes

Here are a collection of messages posted by Unipressers who left the company in 1986 after Mario Vazquez-Rana purchased UPI from bankruptcy::

302m ccccx to all upi staff working with you over the last three years has been a most rewarding experience. the respect i had for upi even before i joined you has grown as i personally encountered your professionalism all over the world. frankly, i have never seen such dedication to an institution and an ideal. working together, you're going to make it a success. print, pictures and graphics, broadcast and radio -- you're a bloody fine outfit. it has been a privilege. much good luck. sincerely, max mccrohon cccqqe upi 11-06-86 12:52 pcs
311m ccccx to all unipressers: today is my last day with upi. since i no longer fit into the company's plans, i finally must acknowledge my family's long-time question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" twenty-five years can ben an eternity, or it can be an instant. to me, it seems but a moment ago that i walked into upi's hartford bureau, was plunked down into a sculpture of ancient metal and stuffing generously called a chair, and learned i had five minutes to assemble, punch and begin transmitting the 8:30 a.m. connecticut news roundup. i never had seen a teletype machine before. welcome to upi. my three years as managing editor have been both tumultous and surpassingly gratifying. most of the industry wrote our obit in april of 1985, but unipressers reached into deep reserves of enteprise and professionalism and defiantly shouted, "surrender, hell!" thumbing our noses at the external cassandras and our internal turmoil, we brilliantly covered such stories as the twa and achille lauro hijackings; the tokyo, dallas and milwaukee plane crashes; the mexico city earthquake; the challenger disaster. even while we crafted the magnificient, we uncomplainingly churned out the mundane -- performing the vital but less glamarous taks that told the world we not only were alive and well, but kicking too. i have said it many times, and i will say it again; chapter 11 bespoke of the guts and the talent of unipressers more eloquently than any period in our long and legendary past. i am profoundly proud of what we accomplished together. nobody can ever take that away. i know that, whatever happens, you will aquit yourselves with honor and grace, and i am confident that, in upi's continuing struggle for survival, you will bear the torch proudly and high, and never quit reaching for the dream -- always just beyond your fingertips. i will miss upi, but especially i will miss all of you. it is an honor to have been your colleague, and a privilege to call you friends. 73s, and 30. ron cohen-wa ccccqqe upi 11-06-86 01:07 pcs
319m cccx to all unipressers: upon the resignation of max mccrohon, i decided to bring in the best person to help all of us carry out the commitment that we have undertaken. milton benjamin ws the man who filled those requirements because of his experience in the news media and his know of upi'. you can be sure that any changes or modifications made at upi will be done with a view to improve our news report, which is the cornerstone of this company. we will make it together. despite the problems that all of you know about, my own enthusiasm continues unabated and with the help of all of you, we will come out winners. mario vazequez-rana ccccqqe upi 11-06-86 1:18 pcs
322m ccccx to all unipressers: in 1964, i embarked on one of the most exciting challenges of my life as a reporter and editor in the first boston bureau and later the washington bureau of united press international. with reporters around the world like merriman smith, who had just won the pulitzer, and henry shapiro in moscow, upi was a "must buy" for every major international news organization. today, i return to upi with one overriding goal: to make upi absolutely indespensable once again for its newspaper and broadcast clients, and in the process, establish a basis for it to become a viable and profitable company. the challenge is great. i count on your help, and obviously welcome your suggestions. 73s mrb ccccqqe upi 11-06-86 01:25 pcs