1987 Departing Notes

Here are a collection of messages posted by UPI staffers who were laid off or otherwise left the company in 1987, before the takeover of the FNN group

121m all it is with sadness that today i end my 22-year career with upi, half of it as national political writer. in a job that has taken me to virtually every upi bureau in the nation, i have worked alongside the greatest crew of professional journalist i will ever encounter, and in the process i have made hundreds of friends i shall take along with me. 73's richards-wa upi 11-20-87 10:35 acs

500m all upi is such a rare place. there are people all over who i think of as friends, and it comes as a start to realize how many i've never met -- over the years the message wire starts to feel like real conversation. in 11 years at this joint, from the deep onite to the luxurious dayside, the one thing i've never been is bored. excited, angry, delighted or despairing, yes. but bored, no. the work has always been meaningful -- journalism on the guerrilla edge of the profession. the official slogan used to be "around the world, around the clock with upi." on the onite at upr, we stuck by the more realistic "we may doze, but we never close." we've come too near to closing too many times in the past several years. but once again we're pulling out of a crisis with upi's quality and integrity intact. you're the people who make the wire run, and now the company's editorial leaders are people who know that fact in their guts because they've been in the trenches for decades. i'll be rooting hard for all of you, my friends met and unmet. 73s, dugan-upr-gendesk-waftus upi 11-20-87 10:55 acs
566m all here i go quitting again after 8 1/2 years with upi. 5 years with a client, then 3 more back at upi (returning rite after the pay cut). i sorta hate to leave just when things are starting to get interesting (as inthe old chinese curse: may you live in interesting times). i reckon i'd still be here, come what may, if i hadn't fallen in love with drake-kp. the 60-plus miles between buros was unbearable, and she's too special to let slip away. she becomes braden-kp on saturday. spending nearly 10 years in the statehouse buo of an ap-stronghold state - face to face with the folks from the cooperative - u become familar with the arrogance that comes from nearly unchallenged power. an ap-only world is a frighten prospect. from that vantage point, i offer an observation to u, u overworked, often- unappreciated gang of ruffians. u are among the few persons on the plant whose efforts truly could have an influence on the future of this free people. seldom does an individual have a chance to make a difference. that and 40 cents will buy you a cup of coffee, but it also sets u apart from the mundane mass of nine-to-fivers in their gray little world of mortgages and manicured lawns. keep smiling. it drives 'em crazy. 73s braden-ac upi 10-22-87 05:46 pcd