1988 Departing Notes - Part II

Here's part II of a collection of messages posted in 1988, after the takeover of the FNN group (including some from the new owners):

253m old unipressers don't die, they just come to their senses. so in the interest of achieving consciousness, today i'm stepping (being pushed, actually) off the upi wagon for the perhaps the last time. it's been quite a ride. through my years here i feel i've moved from the child-restraint seat in the back to having a hand on the wheel at times, although the windshield has remained mostly fogged. i hope you can keep the old thing chugging along, even if the road is rough and full of rox. i want to say thanks to everyone along the way who smoothed the bumps, gave directions and told me where to get off. rgds, cheers and all that jazz. zizzo-koc upi 04-29-88 02:12 pcd
256m braden-kp what can i say? i'll never forget the nite in mission when the tornadoes struck., the building appeared to be on fire (was it actually on fire? i can't remember) and i had to haul u off the fone (as i recall u were talking with some upi honcho in nx) to run down eight flights of stairs to the questionable safety of a glass-walled lobby. then we trudged back up the eight flights only to find the datanuz machine smoking. there we were, two novice unipressers armed with a fire extinguisher we didn't know how to work. what a night. what a career. what a sad day. or maybe not. sometimes i wonder if u mite be the lucky one getting out. all the best and pls keep in touch. i know u'll land our ur feet. chrs. digirolamo-nc upi 04-29-88 02:16 pcd
0258m to those who go: what can i say? my thoughts and love are with you -- witcher-ko upi 04-29-88 02:16 pcd
0261m dickinson-kp good afty will. know it must be tuff to be here for the lastime. eye'm sri u doan plan to come to the wake tmrw nite at kp buo. eye think eye mite try to swing by myself. eye've been reviewing running the wires, q's, etc. eye imagine eye'm gg to be doing some heavy-duty wishing next wk tt u guys were still handling tt stuff. it's all greek to me right now. just wanted to say good luck to u in the future. eye've enjoyed working morns with u this past yr. tnx for all ur help et eye hope u find the job ur luking for. let us know how ur doing et take care of urself. rgds--whitworth-x upi 04-29-88 02:27 pcd
241m buos (last-day-unipressers) on this last day for so many of you, a little note from rv, where we've been keeping what we call the bye bye board, a collection of farewell notes from people who have left in the last five months. we had to take the board down today becuz there was no more room. it's a little symbol of a great big sadness and to all (to quote former po tv newsman all schottelkotte) we say "good news to you." gl-rv upi 04-29-88 02:00 pcd
243m linenberger-kelly-ac it has been a pleasure to know and work with you both. eye wish you the very best in the coming years. lemme know if there's anything eye can ever help with. 73. --wieck-da upi 04-29-88 02:00 pcd
246m dickinson-braden-keenan-kp this ain't gonna be one of the great days in the annals of journalism. i just want to wish you all the best and say "much tnx" for all the work you've done these past few years. it's been a pleasure. lemme know if there's anything eye can do to help down the road. 73.--wieck-da upi 04-29-88 02:03 pcd
247m plume-gyan-ne, hines-sl unfortunately, my tax refund didn't get here in time for me to make a planned swing sweek for a true louisiana farewell. i have truly appreciated all your fine efforts to cover all the craziness that goes on in your state these past several years. best of luck to you all. lemme know if eye can help in any way down the road. 73.--wieck-da
200m unipressers: many of you leave us today and the lengthening list of msgs from the dearly departing is not fun to see. those of us staying will miss you, not only professionally but personally as well. since nearly everyone goes to disney world at one time or another, please consider tallahassee a stopping point and place to always find friends. the beer will always be cold so please stop when u come through. i want my kids to know what dedicated and talented people look like. walker-tar upi 04-29-88 01:20 pcd
280m to all: since this is the waning moments of my stay here, i wud like to express to everyone the warmest thanks for all the gud times--especially to walt frerck and gary edwards and co. down in dap who showed me the ropes when i was the greenest of stringers in hsp good luck to everyone and in particular to david ake as he will be the only oriential photog left in the division. it's been a pleasure. hom-kpp upi 04-29-88 03:09 pcd
0288m all my last day isn't actually until tomorrow, but i didn't want to miss saying goodbye to all of you who aren't blessed with a weekend shift. when i arrived here fresh out of college almost three years ago, i had no way of knowing how much the job and my co-workers would come to mean to me. i leave here a little disillusioned, but, i hope, a whole lot wiser. thanks to all of you for your friendship and guidance, especially those of you in the old central division - rod boshart-qa, who taught me well during my first few months; bob murphy-hx, who taught me to write a two-line skedline; the whole hx gendesk crew - alan, marci et al; the guys in du - chris, bob (and joe-dup, for all the milkshakes and donuts during the caucuses); lori-sr et kevin-wh; chuck-ms; and everyone else i mite hv forgotten. i'll miss you all terribly. as for future plans, i'm going to spend the next three months fixing up a nursery for my big event in august. then eye'm going to play mommy for a few months until my husband's money runs out and i figure out where in the world to go next. finally, goodbye and best wishes to the nw crew - bill brewer, who led us well in the face of a lot of adversity; john peterson, who got us our microwave; cornell fowler, who - what does one say about cornell? photographer extraordinaire dennis garrels - and scott sonner, who got out before the ax fell. you've been like family to me and i have no idea who's going to keep the office clean now. nominations for baby names being taken on czm all nite. keep the faith and best wishes always, lisa-nw upi 04-29-88 03:32 pcd
0293m unipressers i still hv almost four hours before the end of my eight years here (i was hired by h.l. stevenson -- remember him?). if i wait till quitting time to say goodbye, i'll miss all of you who are completing ur tenure right now. plus, i'd hate it if i gave a dzm farewell party and nobody came. i remember lots of things... mafia trials, plane crashes, executions, rig explosions, not to mention one super bowl and two championship fights. upi has been a great meal ticket, and a great admission ticket as well. i also remember announcing the births of my two children on the dzm, and i plan to phone in the birth of my third sometime in may. i hope no one ever bans those from the msg wire. i especially remember the past three years as food editor, the best excuse i've ever heard of for putting on weight. line of duty, you know. well, i hope i will hear from many of you wonderful ple (the ones leaving or the ones staying) in my new city, orlando. i will be joining the travel- food public relations firm of robinson yesawich and pepperdine. so i trust i'll find excuses to speak with many of you in the years ahead (and bill our beers to the client). for the last few years, i've read the wire's periodic odes to the best and the brightest, the wise, gentle, committed, sometimes martyrlike staffers of upi. all i can add is a quote from my favorite ancient philosopher. it was the cowardly lion who uttered the single, oh-so-memorable phrase... "ain't it duh trut." chrs demers-ne upi 04-29-88 03:40 pcd
0308m buros just thought you should know that we all missed "david zisso day" in oklahoma thursday, honoring this eminent jobseeker. the modest boy wonder of the ko capitol buro kept it a secret. (david is the one with the telephone manners of a water buffalo with a gum boil -- see dzm106. the guv read all the whereas' at his news conference yesterday. let's hear it for his 15 minutes of fame ... clap, clap, etc. chrs. bond-ko upi 04-29-88 04:01 pcd
309m bond-ko, zizzo-ko u will be sorely missed and long remembered. won't be nearly as much fun taking on crazed evangelists and the other colorful characters tt populate oklahoma without u. keep in touch so ur friends know where to find you. 73s wormser-da upi 04-29-88 04:04 pcd
buros my last day is satty, but the combination of my farewell msg and the finality of forwarding the fones to da tmw would be too much. tis better to split the devastating events of life into manageable pieces. eye'll think of this instead as a thank-you note to all of you in the division who have made my years as a united press international reporter (gawd eye luv saying that) so incredible. hired on at the "tender age of 20," as rocky phrases it, eye was terribly intimidated by the wit and wisdom ticking across the wires nitely. today eye'm still awed by the talent of this crew. as well as thankful for your warm welcome and advice on breathing exercises during prison riots, etc. a special thanks to cheri and debbie,whose calm demeanor and sage advice halted more than one attempt on the life of ntl desker. finally,eye would like to refutemy colleague's accusation (see dzm106) that eye stopped "going great guns" when eye fell in love. the only reason eye ever went "great guns" was an embarrassing freshman crush that made me follow him everywhere and learn a greatdeal ... and fall in love with this work. there's nothing like it. thank you all for one hellava education. 73s bond-ko upi 04-29-88 04:26 pcd
320m eidge-mh frank, it was great having you aboard. i too am leaving today (to move to orlando for a new challenge, no less). part of me is jealous of your 42 great years with the great upi (not to mention the colorful saga titled "miami"), but i guess my eight years will have to do. get well soon. chrs. demers-ne upi 04-29-88 04:27 pcd
321m bond, scott, zizzo-ko (witcher) applause for all you guys and regrets for what's happening at one of the best damned buos anywhere. campbell-du upi 04-29-88 04:40 pcd