1990 Departing Notes

Here's an incomplete collection of messages posted by UPI staffers who were laid off or otherwise left the company in 1990, after the collapse of the FNN group. These messages appear exactly as posted):

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 ok, it's my turn. i've rewritten this message a hundred times in the past
few weeks. what it comes down to is that no matter how many more
employees or clients the other outfits have, none ever have had or ever
will have a finer group of staffers. you are what has always made upi
a special company (and why i've quit twice before and come back).
whether you're staying with upi or leaving, the best of luck to you, to the
many friends i've made: if you ever head toward virginia, there'll always
be a light on and welcome mat out for you at our house. 73s, lai-waftus
upi  09-21-90 10:38 aed

014m unipressers ouch! getting kicked off the upi rollercoaster smarts! and not knowing where i'll land adds a little terror to the adventure. but when i jumped off the radio merry-go-round 3-and-half years ago i knew the ride at upi was getting rickety and i might lose my seat at any dip or turn. a snickering hartford courant reporter asked me at thetime how it felt to jump onto a sinking ship and i told her i could swim. and swim i will. but it's been a thrill to work with the legendary bruno vittorrio ranniello, who gave me a new view of religion; mark dupuis, who gave me a new view of politics; and dennis milewski, who gave me a chance to climb out of the radio swill bucket and do some real news. and "young henry" (brown), of late on the national desk, how could i forget you? well, your "big sister" is a "wib wench" no longer. thanks for the memories guys, and if you hear of any jobs please let me know. good luck to all who are left to continue the battle. and now i'm off to pink slip heaven. amen. chrs. yost-bp (hf) upi 09-21-90 11:31 aed
023m lowry-us rights granted. as was said earlier, u only one or two or three chances to lv pee eye, make the most of it. eye wrote it lasweek literally crying over every word. btw, if it doesn't format on dzm, try doing an xfer on dbw1204 to dbw. eye know tt one format out rite on dbw. tnx et chrs, watsky-bg upi 09-21-90 11:50 aed
024m all mutants (stored in dsd4) oh gawd, yet another one of these long good-bye msgs to clutter the wire et bring tears to yer eyes. well, forget it. no tears here bubbas et bubbettes, just miles of smiles. upi et royal brightbill got me outta tt stinkhole known as radio et gave me a real job 4 years ago. because of royal, eye got to act like a 12-yr-old here in baton rouge for the past 2 years et 9 months, playing morning man to the button-down state capitol crowd who were terrified of anybody who would quote todd rundgren in a column et drive around in a car with .22-caliber holes in the windshield. folks, we've all got into this horrible disease. my first day with upi, angie miller-dar went into labor while doing bcast briefs. she finished her trick. people, tt is not normal. we're mutants. it's something the drones at rox wl never hv: life on the edge, on tt impossible deadline, at the world's largest insolvent independent newsgathering organization. hunter thompson was right: "when the going gets weird, the weird turns pro." eye'm proud to say eye was a unipresser, even prouder to say eye was one in louisiana, the weirdest third-world country in the united states of bush. yeah people, the crew of brightbill, duffy, fuller, bermudez, reaves, demers, power, gloster, plume, sisk, guerrera, mack, benic, lodriguss, finney, schwed, schlangenstein, anderson, mearns, manguno, forman, et al were a little different down here, but then we had to be. god played a cruel joke on louisiana, but then the people don't notice. go figure, et we're glad we cud be of service creating this aura of invincible irreverence. pink slip in hand, eye'm getting on the elevator here in the house that huey built et punching "23" -- going to work for the attorney general of the state of louisiana, the man who owns antoine's down in the french quarter et unknows wot an intrauterine device is. these mutually exclusive pieces of information do matter a whole hellava lot to someone who did so much in his totally misspent youth tt when synapses do connect, it's an f-dot on the put line et 10 bells in yer ears. two final thoughts: it was david byrne of the talking heads who sang: "if this is paradise, i wish i had a lawnmower." and it was the late, lamented lowell george, he of little feat, who sang: "gets it to me gently, well feets don't fail me now." yo lowell, save me a seat on the train. we need to talk . . c l i p a n d s a v e ......................................... .. .. .. good for one night of drunken revelry (at yer convenience). contact: steven watsky, (504) 342-7013. .. .. .. ........................................ c l i p a n d s a v e . . 73s, steven (otto) watsky-bg-ne . . casts: . otto ..... steven watksy helmut del lagl ..... royal brightbill the owners ..... the marx brothers zz top ..... jim wieck the photographer ..... james terry intern#1 ("i hate big hairs") ..... lisa teachey intern#2 ("watsky? he's crashed out on the sofa") ..... mary cummings reporter#1 ..... mede nix reporter#2 ..... jerry witcher reporter#3 .....allen johnson mr. watsky's stand-in ..... kevin kline . . mr. watksy's hair by supercuts . exclusive management by shawn o'brien FOR: ' irish wench productions . read the bantam BOOK . soundtrack available on island COMPACT DISCS . (c>1990, all rights forfeited -30- upi 9-21-90 11:54 aed
026m buros - i guess there are still a few left out there hi im unemployed n yur notnot. but seriously, at whatever time i decide to turnout the lights this afternoon, fyi will be officially downclosed n i'll be heading to the unemployment line. as far as ky is concerned, sal-sv is captain n crew. the last 13 months have been a great learning experience for me, but learning experiences wont feed my kids next month. many tnks are in order, especially to my boss n mentor sal-sv (the italian stallion), keick and kreiter-hx, cook and phola-pa, swenson-nxs and king of the techs jim price in indianapolis. i hope upi survives this latest downgrade but it dont luk gud. who wud to buy a wire service with only a handful of writers. my advice is to start updating those resumes. and if you hve any baseball cards to give away, msg me on pza. im going back on the show circuit to supplement my non-existent income until a brighter day. thnks again to those who count. you know who you are. danny-fy upi 09-21-90 12:01 ped
027m watsky-bg-ne eye haven't been at upi too many years et was not here for the last mega-round of layoffs, but eye can't imagine a better goodbye msg. may the force be with u. rgds, nichols-ar upi 09-21-90 12:08 ped
028m watsky-bg-ne for anyone who can make us laugh and wipe away the tears, you've got to be the greatest. good luck to you and make sure you have addresses of all your good upi friends. we should start planning reunions. latimer (still alive in) cz upi 09-21-90 12:09 ped
029m watsky-bg yep, that msg should go into the upi pantheon of famous goodbyes, right up there with "hours too long, pay too little, life to short," (or something like that) memorialized in "deadline every minute." all the best. reske-scotus. upi 09-21-90 12:10 ped
030m otto-bg-ne i was taught never to folo a better act. tnx to ur goodbye msg - the best one ever in a long history of goodbye msgs - i don't dare write one. united press international was lucky to get u. untied press international will be less in your absence. rgds, mcfarland-ar upi 09-21-90 12:11 ped
041m unipressers after more than nine years (this time around) my last day at upi has finally come around. there were times i loved working here so much i would have paid the company for the privileges. now, there's not enough money to keep me here. for the longest time i've dreamed of ending my time at upi with a broadside aimed at the fools and incompetents who have run this fine institution into the ground, but now that my leave taking has arrived, i've found it doesn't matter. my heart goes out to all the fine people who remain here and all those who have preceded me. best wishes to all and godspeed. reske-scotus upi 09-21-90 12:55 ped
054m unipressers: (ever notice how the ledes on these msgs are always the same?) this is my last day at upi. no tears, pls. one week to the day after learning of my termination, i got another job with a big pay raise. i guess upi should have fired me sooner. but i guess this is the time for tears for upi. the war is over. we lost. i first walked into the boston upi bureau in 1965, on boston's old newspaper row. i was 18, a copy boy at a client paper. i was overwhelmed by the racket from the teletypes and by the stream of blue-black carbon paper spilling from the big metal wastebaskets. the place smelled like chinese food and photo chemicals. it was mayhem. i loved it. i still do. i've worked twice for upi. the first time was from 1969 until 1977, and this second tour began in 1985. the spirit of the place has never changed, even now when upi is a frail shadow of what it once was. upi is the elvis of the news business -- a wild, huge talent "repackaged" and "repositioned" by a succession of colonel parkers. elvis died because they wouldn't let him rock 'n roll anymore. we're dying for the same reason. 73s frederick-me upi 09-21-90 01:20 ped
063m unipressers as i climb into my state no-bid-contract lifeboat and row away from the titantic spectacle of the s.s. upi, i can only salute the band members still bravely playing away as the copycat, me-too wire sinks beneath the waves. i'm leaving a cowering dwarf headed by privately-financed coatholders to (i hope) one funded by the taxpayers. i can't complain. a routine layoff seems rather mundane after once being fired for allegedly insulting a congressman in the midst of a politically-inspired newsroom shakeup that would have put "dallas" to shame. besides, upi had the confidence to take an unemployed medium-market radio reporter from a dead-end job in a furniture factory and turn me loose in a legislative playground for 16 months. very few people get the chance to work for a legend. i did -- and they threw in a paper-laden filing cabinet of a bureau in illinois' most beautiful office building to boot. i'll never forget eating pizza in the house press box at four in the morning on the last day of the session or waiting expectantly for those massive friday afternoon bill signings from the governor ("jumbo" jim thompson). i only wish i could have put faces to all those wonderful, sardonic, enigmatic names on the message wire. dulce et decorum est pro nupe mori. ayers-gx upi 09-21-90 01:43 ped
069m all mutants (pt. ii) for all of u who responded to dsd4, my heartfelt thx. u hv - no - idea how painful, how much eye cried while writing tt msg, funny as it may be. eye died the way eye lived here at upi, lurching from one crisis to the next, entertaining myself when things got dicey or boring. we hv tapped the keg here in big for saft's ceremony: taking everything off of my door (whi is like 50 items tt hv been stuck up there thru the yrs et now includes - every - one of yer beautiful msgs). eye hv a "lovely parting gift" for each of u, in addition to the coupon, see dsd6 thru dsd11. it's wot life was like here in the southwest division of upi. tda's msg traffic wl be stored later, with sysid to folo. eye personally guarantee eye wl hv one beer for each of u. u are worth tt et more than wl ever know. thank you, et may some hier power bless each of u for letting me be me. 73s otto-bg upi 09-21-90 01:58 ped
070m frederick me you captured it all from start to finish. left out the multi-colored "books." you have lots of company that will follow you whereever you go -- former unipressers. glad you have the good memories and the good future. so many of us have heard the same story so many times -- got a job with a better pay and so much happier. but, like you, we stay until the bittersweet end, because we loved it and love it and hate to let go. all the best to you. rosso-wa upi 09-21-90 01:59 ped
077m all at this stage, eye think it would help tremendously if farewell msgs that are not sent to the nwx wire as the intended destination remain off the nwx wire. printing them out only adds to the agony we all are feeling, deeply. it's as if we are all waving feebly to each other from lifeboats that are awash at the gunwales. bests. gross-state upi 09-21-90 02:10 ped
078m watsky-bg say, do you plan any double coupon days? just wondering. it's been a hoot, bubba. eye'll seeyou at jazzfest, if not before. 73s.--wieck-da upi 09-21-90 02:11 ped
079m wieck-da dubl, tripl, quadrupl, we honor -everything- here. if'n eye don't hv kids, wknd of yer soiree, plan on me being there. it has bn a wonderful trip, et eye cannot thank u enuf. 73s watsky-bg upi 09-21-90 02:14 ped
072m witcher-ko(ed), dias-nxf especially for u: there once were two guys on the wire; whose antics kept all spirits higher; but it's a sad day, cuz i must go my way; et i doubt i'll meet two guys much slyer. ok, not my best et its absent of all sexual innuendo, but i just wanted to let u kno u cheered me up on some pretty bad days. i'll miss u. ustedes estamos en mi corazon, para siempre, gaussoin-fr upi 09-21-90 02:06 ped
108m all (magers, wormser, franco, arters, stokes, ryan, stutzperson (were the hell are u?), chap (in spirit), clausing, et al) well, i guess its my turn. i've been reluctant to write my farewell msg cuz, well wot's there to say after watsky? but clausing-us sez i have to. so ... well, i made it out just before everything fell apart about five years ago and nobody even had time for a farewell msg. ever hopeful, i waited it out this time et i apptly waited too long. but i got to admit, i'm glad i did. the saddest thing about leaving is the people, the worst thing is knowing this could be the end of a wonderful, great tradition. there is nothing like being a unipresser. thank god. 73s, gaussoin-(in forgotten but not gone) fr upi 09-21-90 04:18 ped
080m gaussoin-fr (witcher-ko) twas a pip, helen. eye hope u keep in touch. this hs bin a very bittersweet last few months: eye'm wildly in love (the only way a weirdo liek me kin be, with sumbody jes as strange as eye am), but it's very difficult to kno tt sum of the finest peeps eye've ever encountered wl no longer be at the other end of the fone or the "file" button. best of luk to u; eye'll keep u in my heart always, too. vo ter saudades de voce dias-nxf upi 09-21-90 0:2:16 ped
148m unipressers after two decades of helping to kick rox where it hurts the most -- the logs -- it's time for this ol' cowboy to ride off into the sunset, saddlebag bulging with clips and fond memories of sharing america's wire service with the greatest wordsmiths around the globe. elitits we were indeed -- journalism's answer to the bronx bombers, the big red machine, doomsday defense, etc. when it came to speed, clarity and polisy, grandma's geeks were always gasping for breath. may tt spirit endure forever, as long as there's a nd to report the news. god bless and best wishes to all, logging out in west virginia, mannix (cw) porterfield upi 09-27-90 02:54 ped
204m all (rv, br, ps, na, ms) tdy is, indeed, my last official day at the helm of upi in west virginia. i weep no tears for what is lost, for history will etch ouor names among those who have fallen in battle for freedom of thought and expression. i am proud of my association with upi -- the wire service of choice for the best talent in the news industry. i leave now with light heart, knowing that the true spirit of upi will be continued through the capable hands of hose-cw and those throughout the country who remember... chrs dudes cw-simpson upi 09-27-90 05:33 ped
240m unipressers dear hearts: so many unipressers are getting off this rollercoaster in the next few days, and i am joining you. naturally, our last days here are occassioned by strong emotions. some of us are angry, some sad, some nostalgic. as for me, i can find nothing but respect for upi, for all of you who are leaving and for those we leave behind. since 1907 unipressers around the world have been fighting a righteous battle. we've kept the rest of the media honest, pushed the opposition to its limits. we were not just as good as grandma -- we were a hell of a lot better. upi has treated me exceedingly well. it got to cover wonderful stories and interview great american heroes as well as absolute scalawags. most of all i am exceedingly proud to have worked with the best reporters, editors and photographers in the world. the pleasure was all mine. -- preston-ct -- upi 09-28-90 09:18 aed
255m unipressers how many unipressers does it take to cover connecticut? one less as of today. eye'm not on the list on the way, but today is t-h-e day for me as well. after 11 years of my life, it's time to get on with that life. the pm cycle is gone, gone longer is the 5 am openings, and long gone is the overnite. but the memories remain -- the memories of working with the best and most dedicated group of journalists assembled. i leave voluntarily (sort of) and head into uncharted waters. i mourn those who have not gone voluntarily and wish the best to all who remain. well, it's time to do some wibs... 73s dupuis hf (hfc) upi 09-28-90 10:15 aed
259m wieck-da even though magers hired me, for the 2 years i was in the old "d" division i remember fondly your field general leadership. at one of my first press conferences when i worked in da, someone asked me. "do u work for wieck??" i said, "i guess, but i don't know him yet." they said, "you will. he's a great newsman." i will always remember that statement and i believe u are one of the best people i will ever get to work for. u can keep yer position as hurricane and severe storms editor emeritus, placing your people along the coast in a geometric-like fashion. the worst thing about leaving the gt buo was knowingthat i would no longer get to work for u and phil. put me down as a possible suspect for your party even though i "suspect" i will not have the bail money to get out of jail here to make it. keep the faith and keep in touch especially if your travels bring u this way. cheers and 73s. shomon-gx upi 09-28-90 10:53 aed
263m all all things considered it's probably good i was never bitten by whatever airborne insect carries dreaded unipressitis ... that euphoric and debilitating disease whose chief symptoms are clouded vision and a nasty tendency to smash oneself into brick walls. of course it's tough to infect a moving target. over the last 14 months i have been laid off, denied pay, relocated, separated from my wife and two small children, resettled, and laid off again... all of the while doing more with less and all in the name of ... can someone explain it to me? i read some of your parting messages and i'm envious. the good days must have been great. enduring the toughest of times must have done much to draw people together. and of course there's upi's incredibly rich heritage and that sensed of pride and passion underdog status always confers. but i missed all that. i signed on for the thrill of the ride back up, as management promised. instead things have only gotten worse and the "romance of the wire" never was enough to overcome some particularly hard realities. and for the life of me i could not master the alphabet soup of codes required to connect myself with the rest of the world and become a smoothly functioning member of this shrinking team. on the up side i went national a few times and put some polish on my writing style. i also worked with some fine people. it seems unipressitis also causes its victims to give their best and maintain high standards in the face of the most frightening trends. i do believe i'm gonna miss this, but who knows why. thank you all. i wish you well. hyland-dv upi 09-28-90 11:21 aed
264m unipressers yes, boys and girls...this is it. yet another goodbye message. today ends my first and only year as upi state editor for sd. ever since june 6, 1986 (yeah, i even remember the date) when i called in my first story to upi as a college intern, i had wanted to be a unipresser. now i'm proud to say that i worked among the best and the brightest for 365 days. cupla thank u's; to ellen-hx for my chance at one year in the spotlight (maybe mangan deserved the job after all!); the guys at uc for their patience in answering my many questions (hey, most of them made sense); and to everyone i had the great fortune to meet and work with over the past year. when i leave our basement home for the last time today i take with me a year of valuable experience, many memories (some of them even good), and my personal copy of monty python's "i bet they won't play this song on the radio". if any of you ever venture to the great state of south dakota (yeah, right...on purpose?), the door is always open and the bud is always cold. chrs. kelly collins-pr upi 09-28-90 11:24 aed
284m to everyone leaving today it has been my pleasure to work with you lo these many years. i'm going to miss the crazy messages, the dedication of you all out there trying to run things down for ohio. but we all are survivors in one way or another. i wish you all the best of luck, and most of all, keep in touch with someone still here. latimer (a.k.a. sandlot) cz upi 09-28-90 12:31 ped
304m to-those-who-go my very best & most sincere wishes for ur futures, & eye luv u. -- witcher-ko upi 09-28-90 01:19 ped
310m unipressers as i prepare to walk out of upi-dx for the last time today, one day short of my 51st birthday. it's startling to realize tt nearly half of tt time has been spent here. most of the past quarter century has been fulfilling and rewarding, and i've had the extreme good fortune to work with the finest wordsmiths in the world. to all those (too numerous to mention) who have helped me thru the years, my heartfelt thanks. to those who remain, my most sincere best wishes. pls keep the company afloat so the severance checks continue. godspeed and slainte mhath (good health) to u all. cannon-dx upi 09-28-90 01:42 ped
0313m cannon-dx you deserve more than severance. happy birthday et best 2 u. chrs. cash/ra upi 09-28-90 01:47 ped
0314m cannon-dx best of luck, charlie. this is by far the most bittersweet time of my life. eye'm in love, but xtremely saddened to kno so mene colleague are departing. eye wish u all the happiness u kin endure. saudades dias-nxf upi 09-28-90 01:48 ped
026m all eye always swore eye wouldn't write one of those rambling, emotional goodbye messages -- so eye won't. suffice it to say eye'm turning off the lights here for the last time with, as lyndon johnson might have said, a heavy heart. to those of you who are still left, hang in there. for the rest of us, it's time to move on to new and -- hopefully -- greener pastures. 73s bredice-vt (clarke, dillon, zentz-vt) upi 09-28-90 6:36 ped
275m unipressers my time at upi was brief but never fleeting. eye've learnt more in the last 14 mos than any school could teach, et leave here respectful of all ur talents, wits, kindness, et professional attitudes. eye've always hated getting on roller coasters but love the exhilaration et this was no exception. for those staying on, hope u can help the company in its quest for mo' better news. as for me, eye've let go of the security bar et am whooping all the way down the really steep part, knowing there's a whole amusement park out there after this ride. chrs et adios to the best in the biz. 73s. hmieleski-kt upi 09-28-90 12:05 ped
307m to all departing unipressers i've bent elbows with a few of you, and wish i could have the rest. you're a special breed of people. remember the good times. they'll make for good laughs when next you cross paths. haskell bh upi 09-28-90 01:33 ped
324m preston-ct (all) before you disappear june, good luck (not that you need it with your talent), and a suggestion for all unipressers slated to be "formers": there's a lot of people who are going job hunting around the country. they will soon know where the jobs are where they ain't. let's set up a central system that the formers can refer to. some may have to do some lengthy traveling to keep up with their bills. to conclude: all you job hunting unipressers pls give that input and, of course, stay in touch. no matter where you ever go, you are still one of us in heart and mind.--73s--sal-sv upi 09-28-90 02:12 ped
279m unipressers 8 years, 3 months and 23 days of treading the boards for upi ends today and i finally get the hook. there are too many people, present and past, to thank by name so i'll thank u all en masse for allowing another madman into your midst. u don't have to be crazy to work for upi, but it helps, and i'm just crazy enough that i'll miss u. if ur in amsterdam, go to the bulldog and ask for the loony amerikaner. user logged out of server. let the living begin, marco mcfarland-ar upi 09-28-90 12:18 ped
030m unipressers hello all. this is my last day with upi after 24 years and six months of service. i would spare you my maudlin comments except to say it hurts to say goodbye. i have so much to be grateful for -- the memories and friendships of unipressers past and present. to those whom i have never met personally, my best wishes for all your endeavors. to those i know, simply stay well. i leave on an auspicious day, a day which honors francis of assisi. i've asked him to use his influence with the almighty to bless you all. 73's and 30. bruno ranniello-hf upi 10-04-90 09:23 aed
073m unipressers it's been 23-and-one-half years of blood, sweat, laughter and tears upi hired me off a stool in a saloon back before man even walked on the moon covered politics, fires, marches and trials worked all shifts and drove many miles witnessed indian uprisings and racial riots ate plenty of junk food, never mind diets did football, baseball and other sports met zany, crazy news types of all sorts became one of upr's broadcast editors and continued one step ahead of my creditors but the best thing i did one fine day was to marry another unipresser, named kay ------ please accept my gratitude for being able to work with all of you these many years. keep your heads up and keep on smilin'/ -30- drolshagen-upi/upr upi 10-04-90 02:48 ped
058m allpoints (tweedale) i am very sad to advise all unipressers that doug tweedale, the foreign slot person on the world desk and until a few months ago our correspondent in managua, nicaragua, was killed last night in an accident at his home. he was washing windows at his sixth floor apartment in washington when a safety rope he had rigged broke and he fell to the pavement. he was killed instantly. we will advise you when we know about funeral arrangements. we are all in shock here. doug was an outstanding professional. more importantly, he was a fine human being and certainly one of the best liked and most respected people in this organization. edmiller-wa upi 10-05-90 09:46 aed
073m buros "dear friends, i write for money with a kind heart and hand i wish to make no enemies throughout my native land kind friends, now i close my rhyme and lay my pen aside between me and my critics i leave you to decide. it's been an incredible seven years. from bhola rhanda to chernobyl. three owners and so many presidents and editors i forget. freeway shooters and bowls of menudo, raisa and zsa zsa. a lot of friends and a few foes. thanks, but i'm outta here. any of you lookin for freelance money or know anyone else who might be, please contact me after 10-15-90 at 213-871- 1225 in my new position as national and international news features editor at the advocate: the national gay (cq see stylebook pg. 68) and lesbian magazine. am looking for hard news stories pertinent to the community. we pay top dollar. also, anybody know experienced journalist in tokyo n london interested in correspondent position. lemme know. we opening buros there n need someone. chrs n good luck to all. g. luther whitington. upi 10-05-90 04:35 ped
012m unipressers today is my last day with upi after about four-and-one-half years and i think i got a little attached. first it want to say thank you. thanks for making my job a tremendous treat -- one i have truly savored. i'm one of the lucky ones. i was able to give notice to the company before they could do it to me -- and i'm talking by four little days. i'll be a state government reporter for a daily paper here in madison. today, my capitol press room pals and i are holding a daylong funeral to honor upi's wisconsin history. upi has had a madison buro since the 1940s, but some estimate its presence may date to the 1910s. i am the last in a long line of very distinguished and hard-working bureau chiefs -- and i do consider it very much an honor to have been part of what i hope history documents as one of the best news-gathering outfits that ever lived. i have great respect for admiration for those who have gone before me, writing farewells that put littl cracks in my heart... those who will follow me soon... and those who will remain. i was continually impressed with the work done by all of you during my stay here -- you're all the very best. your work has been a great source of pride for me. we kicked rox's butt quite a few days, didn't we? and that is what i hope you all remember. an employer can take away your job -- but that is it! you keep the rest! you keep your pride, your confidence, your great talents, your quality, your accomplishments, your history -- all the good stuff is yours. you own that and never forget it!!!! anger and bitterness does no good. remember the best revenge is living well. from the bottom of my heart, i wish you all lives that are very, very well. you all are in my heart and in my backbone. signed, your friend and fan -- joanne m. hass in the state capitol in madison, wisconsin. upi 10-19-90 09:09 aed