1990 Departing Notes - Part II

Here's an incomplete collection of messages posted by UPI staffers who were laid off or otherwise left the company in 1990, after the collapse of the FNN group. These messages appear exactly as posted):

 my last trick is tomorrow, but eye wanted to message today to catch
as many of you as possible. the last nine years have been the most rewarding
of my life. for that, eye have all of you to thank. most particularly, deepest
thanks to everyone (many long since departed) in hx, who taught me the
business and how to have fun while eye worked; in ia, who brought me along;
in tr, trc, nk and nc, who drove themselves so hard for me and for upi, under
sometimes impossible conditions; and here in wa, who welcomed me as a
colleague and friend
 eye intend to cherish the good memories (there are so many) and let the
others fade. eye'm going home to baltimore, but things have changed since
eye left so many years ago. now eye will always think of it as br, and of 
myself as a unipresser.
 when "'twas the night before christmas" runs on the message wire christmas
eve, will someone please fax me a copy?
 tnx et chrs. -- o'shea-ntl
upi  10-19-90 10:37 aed
r v
 buros: from michael v. uschan-uc
  today i am writing "30" to my 20 years with united press international. i
started dec. 22, 1970, after taking my final exams at the university of
wisconsin-milwaukee and have been a "unipresser" ever since.
  i'm one of the few left who can remember what it was like before computers
came on the scene and teletype operators like "steady eddie" panek put out our
copy; when we were still owned by scripps howard; and when we were battling
rox even-up and winning more than our share of the news wars against them.
  it's been a wild ride and a memorable one -- both for the stories i covered and,
more importantly, the wonderful people i worked with at upi in three different
   whether they sat next to me banging out bulletins on a plane crash or a
presidential primary -- or just voices on the phones or names on message wires
from across the country -- it was like being part of a dedicated brotherhood.
   there were some "wild and crazy" upi types that helped make a difficult day
more bearable with some humorous asides ... or just a word of sympathy because
they knew what i was going through.
   even my immediate bosses have been decent types and the last few years 
about the only good thing about my job has been the people i worked with.
   i've hated the string of good-bye messages the last few months. it's been 
like an extended wake, not only for departing unipressers but for the upi that 
once was.
   when it came down t it, i wanted a chance to say "thanks" to all the great 
people i've worked with -- and to remind them to take pride in the fact 
that their dedication and hard work under increasingly trying circumstances 
is the only reason upi is still around today.
   now my only problem, besides finding a new job to carry me to retirement, 
is what to do about my personalized license plate -- which reads "upi 1." 
any suggestions. msg me on cin.
   michael v. uschan - uc (for a few hours more)
upi  10-23-90 05:32 ped

 "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times." dickens never worked
for upi, but after seeing the guillotine fall on several hundred people -- and
having been forced to pull the lever on 8 people myself -- in the past five
years, one has to wonder.
 like a lot of unipressers, i have had a child-like faith that upi would somehow
survive, but i decided six weeks ago to leave because i could no longer accept
the role of executioner of staffers whose management had failed them.
 perhaps that smug bastard john morton was right when he wrote several
years ago in the washington journalism review that upi was destined to fail
because of marketplace dynamics.
 i chose to believe differently and the fact that we are still here after years
of mismanagement tends to support my belief that upi could have been a
thriving concern if the company's top executives had done things differently.
 on balance, my 10 years here have been the best of times, mostly because of
the people with whom i worked, both as a staffer and a manager.
 chrs for the last time. burnett/sm-tr-cz-sm
upi  10-24-90  11:01 aed 

   to cheer you up a little.
   radio station wtvn, a biggest watt clear channel station in cz, has been
running a promo that starts off by listing all those biggie watt clear
channel stations in the midwest. wgn, whas, wlw, and on and on. says what
two things does wtvn have that those stations don't? call letters that stand
for "the voice of news" and the upi midwest news leader award. and it goes
on to tout its midwest award in the upi news contest.
   but don't get your chest too blown up. this contest was on the 1989 news
stories, submitted in cz at the end of 1989, given state award in spring of
1990 and the regional award not too long ago. but in the meantime, the
station has dropped uupi, however it keeps it for its fm side.
upi  11-07-90 10:13 pes

before everyone gets out the door...
Party at Wieck's, Saturday, Nov. 10, weekend after the election. All invited
for chile (green et red), bbq et beer. It's at 2665 Danny Lane, near beautiful 
downtown Farmer's Branch, 214-484-1076. Bring yer favorite war tale et effigy. 
Pass it along to all the exes. Find yerself a Texas-bound freight and hop aboard.
Nearby Hotels=
The Summit, 2645 LBJ Freeway (I-635), 214-243-3363. Nice place with weekend
rates and within a long crawl from Wieck's house. Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, 4099 
Valley View (I-635 at Midway), 214-385-9000. Also nice and about 3 miles from 
the house.
Nearby Motels=
Motel 6, 2753 Forest Lane, 214-620-2828, opposite side of LBJ from The
Red Roof Inn, 1720 S. Broadway, 214-245-1700, fairly close, east of I-35
north of LBJ.
Texian Inn, 2660 Forest Lane, 214-484-9111, near the Motel 6.
Courtyard by Marriot, 2930 Forest Lane, 620-8000, SE quadrant of Forest Lane
at Josey Lane, almost crawling distance.
From Muskogee take U.S. 69-75 to Sherman, stay on U.S. 75 to DA, bear right
on I-635 (LBJ) exit. West on LBJ to the Webb Chapel-Josey Lane exit. Follow
the access road across Webb Chapel to Josey. You're almost there. Turn right
(north) on Josey and move to left lane. Go across creek with a park on the
left and in front of the Janie Stark Elementary School turn left (west) on
Farmers Branch Lane. Turn right (north) on Tom Field, a T intersection, et
start looking for a spot to park. Danny Lane is the next left. Corner house
north side of Danny, west side of Tom Field. If staying at Summit Hotel,
simply follow the access road across Josey and you'll go right to it. From
there, take access road to Ford Road right (north) to Farmers Branch Lane
right (east) to Tom Field left (north).
From Houston take I-45 to DA to I-35 northbound (toward Denton) to I-635
eastbound (LBJ) like yer going to the old Midway bureau location. Take the
Josey Lane exit, right lane off LBJ, and turn left at the light (north) on
Josey. Go through a series of several stop lights near LBJ and get in the
left lane. Cross over the creek with a park area on the left and watch for
the Janie Stark Elementary School with a playground on the right. Turn left
(west) at the school on Farmers Branch Lane and go about a quarter mile or
less and turn right on Tom Field which T's in from the north. The next left
is Danny Lane which T's in from the west. Park wherever you can. It's the
house on the northwest corner.
Early suspects
Bruce Bakke-exDA
J.B. Blosser(?)-exWI/TW/KO
Roy Brightbill-NE
Gayland Bryant-exAQ/KP
Chuck Cannon-exDX
Barb Cannetti-exHS
Jeri Clausing-US
Cheri Chapman-exDA/KP/AC
Harry Culver-exKO
Paul English-exKO
Ken Flynn-exWC
Helen Gaussoin-exFR
Dave Hale-exUPIEOprez
Bob Hebrank-DATSC
Travis Hughs-exDA
Mark Langford-US
Bob Lowry-US
Darrell Mack-exHS/DA
Thom Marshall-exDX
Mede Nix-MP
Dave Rosso-WA
Rocky Scott-exTA/KO
Gerald Schumann-exDAP
Brad Smith-DX
John Thompson-exKO
Steve Watsky-exBG
Jerry Witcher-KO
David Zizzo-exKO
Could be suspects
Lisa Addison-exGT
Marge Boatright-exDA
Tom Brooks-exDA/TM
Ron Cohen-exWA
Ellen Debenport-exCK/NE
Roberto Dias-NXF
Ken Englade-exallover
Bill Ferguson-HX
Steve Forsythe-exJC/TW
Bob Inderman-exDA/KP
Bob Kieckhefer-HX
Dave Kingham-exTM (efforting Lloyd-Davies & Farris)
Liz Leech(?)-exKP/AC (efforting Linenberger, Rosewicz, A.Yemma, B.Rotzell)
Jacqueline Scott Shannon-exKO
Gary Taylor-exDX/HS
Tommy Yates-exCK
upi 11-07-90 01:56 pes

   wrote a sty today about near-death experiences. the psychologists
are skeptical about all the supernatural claims. but they say the
phenomena are powerful events that usually leave people who experience
them with a much better outlook on life. hope tt's true for our brush with
death. chrs.
upi  11-08-90 03:56 pes

 it is with very mixed emtions that i bid upi farewell today. my five and
ahalf years with the company -- i joined a month before the april 1985
bankruptcy -- have been an amazing roller coaster ride, professionally,
financially and emotionally.
 i'm leaving for a writing job with a small, independent publication.
 i will miss most the support and comraderie of great colleagues show
shared the horror stories and triumphs in the ongoing struggle to survive,
compete and, more than ocassionally, beat the hell out of the other guys. i
hope i made a contribution to that effort.
 i will also miss the chance to write about things that really matter -- like
the 1988 presidential campaign and the budget battles the last two years --
for a national and international audience, albeit a steadily shrinking one. and,
i expect i will miss the crush of daily journalism and wire service deadlines.
 those with whom i've worked know whho and what i will miss least. 
 if upi dies in the weeks or months ahead, i hope the last story on the wire is
not some fluffy enterprise piece but a hard news story that's better written,
better edited and move faster than ap's. that's what we did best in the glory
days and that should be our epitath, hopefully to remind editors what they
will be missing.
 best of luck to all of you. i hope you find a way out of the upi quicksand
before it sucks you under. i enjoyed sharing the roller coaster ride with you,
but it's time for me to get off. 73s
 bud newman-wa
upi  11-30-90 11:30 aes

- 30 -