1948 Newspaper Report on UP's Staffing of the Olympics


Here's a July 28, 1948, UP story from Utah's Ogden Standard-Examiner on the wire service's plans to staff the 1948 summer Olympics in London:

LONDON, July 27 (UP) The United Press today assigned a staff of 24 sports experts to cover the 1948 Olympic games opening Thursday,

It will provide complete coverage of the games over a special communications network which will assure clients of the speediest possible transmission of all stories and results.

Heading the staff will be Leo H. Peterson, United Press sports editor, and Bruce Munn, London bureau manager.

Assigned to work under them were Robert Musel, Bryan Putman, George Chandler, Robert Dowson, Charles Ridley, Miss Gerry Hill, Edwin Rosenthal, Harold Guard, Rob Roy Buckingham, Arthur Mulcock, Pete Bryan and Jack Higglns of the London bureau: Rex Barley, Frank Eyrl and William Boyle of the Paris bureau, John McDermott of the Berlin bureau, Elvezio Bianchi of the Milan bureau, Julio Ponnsso of the Buenos Aires bureau, Arnaud De Borchgrave of the Brussels bureau, Wlllem Vuur of the Amsterdam bureau, Tom Allen of the Madrid bureau and Lars Ecklund of the Stockholm bureau.

Peterson will write the main day leads, and Musel the main night leads.

Other members of the staff will write specialized stories of interest to their particular countries as well as feature, human Interest, crowd and color stories.

Miss Hill will specialize In women's angles. She Is one of the few women assigned to the games.