PR Newswire Story on UPI Computers

Here's a July 2, 1993, release from PR Newswire concerning UPI's computer system:


WASHINGTON (JULY 2) PR NEWSWIRE - Worldwide News, Inc., which operates United Press International (UPI), today announced that is has reacquired the Computer Support System that UPI uses in the collection, preparation and distribution of its printed news reports to customers worldwide.

The system had been operated by TII Inc., a former affiliate of UPI, since August 1990 as part of the modernization of UPI's original computer and communications network that had been based in the Dallas technical center since the early 1980's. As a result of a corporate reorganization, the computer system and UPI became separate entities. The system consists of software, hardware and related communications equipment currently located in Alexandria, Va.

The UPI system will be relocated , without anticipated interruption, to UPI's World Headquarters in downtown Washington over the next few months.

"This purchase gives UPI control over its computer and communications systems, setting the stage for further modernization," said John R. Hayes, vice president and member of the UPI Executive Management Committee. "By having the system within the organization again, UPI can set its own course for the future, using new technology to help create an information network for the 21st century."

The Computer Support System is linked to all UPI's news bureaus and freelance correspondents around the world through telephone circuits and receives millions of words a day from such other news sources as the National Weather Service, foreign news agencies and U.S. universities. The Computer Support System collects and processes this data, creating data tables for the stocks and sports service, and formatting news copy to meet the needs of newspapers and broadcasters. The system delivers the UPI data signal to various communications companies that carry the service to customers via satellite, landline or FM-sideband. The system also creates products for UPI's FaxNEWS and SelectNEWS specialized services. Separate computer and communications systems controlled by UPI handle UPI Radio Network and UPI Newspictures services and are not affected by this transaction.

Terms of the agreement and the purchase price were not disclosed. UPI, founded in 1907 by E. W. Scripps, operates in 90 nations around the world, gathering and distributing information for newspapers, broadcasters and other customers as text, audio or photographs.


7/2/93 /CONTACT: John R. Hayes, 202-898-8166 or Margaret Durante, 212-614-5074, both of UPI/ CO: United Press International ST: District of Columbia IN: PUB SU: