Austin Bureau Report From 1969

Here's a Dec. 9, 1969, Austin bureau report from bureau manager Kyle Thompson to Southwest Division editor Don Reed:

Bureau report for week ending Dec. 6.

Ann Arnold got the week started off well and gave us nearly an hour's beat on that other service at a crucial time of day for the PMs on federal court dismissal of Madalyn O'Hair's suit to ban prayers in space on Tuesday 12/2. The week ended in high style when the Parks and Wildlife Department announced 12/5 it is backing out of a deal to pay $1 million for land for a park on Galveston Island which had been willed to the state free by the late Maco Stewart Jr. UUPI, as you know, had exclusive by KT on 11/7 revealing the plot to give the heirs of Stewart $1 million for their "life estate" rights to the land. It would have a good deal for the heirs since they stand to get nothing for the land when it passes to the state under the original will.

A week earlier AA had done another good job, getting a 14-0 national log on her Tuesday AM's 11/25 on the O'Hair suit to ban prayers in space.

On Monday 12/1 we also were well ahead (don't know how much) on district court jury's finding a UT English prof guilty of marijuana possession. We got it just in time to make the Noon Texas roundup on Radio wire, and those depending on the other guy didn't have it until the afternoon broadcasts.

We also got good play Dec. 3 on RL's courtstory that Supreme Court of Texas refuses to reconsider its ruling that Sunday closing laws are constitutional, including banner play in Amarillo Globe-Times. Lindsey also got some good play in two-service papers we saw on his coverage of homecoming of Longhorns from Arkansas Saturday night 12/6.

On the lousy physician appointments, suggests promote it outta HS since PK is the guy that got the ball rolling. Also suggest, if nont already doing, that we promote DM's coverage of the capture of the Galveston jailbreakers. I believe we were the only reporters on scene at capture and am sure DM smashed the opposition in his usual fine fashion.

I'll try to do better on these damned things in future.

Best regards, Kyle Thompson/Austin CC: REC, LAH, TH, FJS, KLY, files