Austin Bureau Report From 1969

Here's a Dec. 29, 1969, Austin bureau report from bureau manager Kyle Thompson to Southwest Division editor Don Reed:

Austin Bureau report for period ending Dec. 27, 1969:

Going back to Dec. 14, we had two well-played exclusive Sunday AM's: Roland Lindsey on state GOP leaders planning to run major race against Gov. Smith, and KT's piece on anti-Yarborough Demos trying to get Lloyd Bentsen Jr. to run against Ralph. On 12/12, Lindsey had two good ones: Sgt. Mitchell's press conference abut his charge in the alleged My Lai massacre and reaction from UT footballers to Fred Steinmark's leg amputation.

We got good play 12/15 on Ann Arnold's piece on report that some feel part of Spanish galleons treasure still missing. AA's coverage of federal court's denial of Pvt. Richard Chase's suit to try to keep Army from court martialing him 12/17 also was well done and well played. AA staffed the world premier of "Viva Max" in San Antonio 12/18, giving graphic account of thefuss raised by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas during filming of same. Her lead: "One of the little old ladies peeked out of the door of the Alamo, but the rest of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas sutdiusly ignored the governor and stars of the moveie 'Viva Max.'"

We were exclusive for at least one cycle 12/22 when Cassius Clay filed suit in Austin district court to force Texas to issue him a boxing permit. Same story ws heard on Austin radio station served by that other serevice on 6 p.m. newscast 12/23, so they must have had to do a lot of catching up. AA had exclusive on 12/22 about the numerous Christian cards received by atheist Madalyn O'Hair, who said her mail had multiplied many times since she filed suit to force astronauts not to pray in space.

Don, I believe UPI had the best damned series of yearenders and decadeenders I've ever seen. I hope they are properly promoted. McGraw did his usual great job, but the Austin bureau also came through with six of these. Lindsey came up with a good report on the decade of football power at the University of Texas, one on crime in Texas during the 1960's and what is expected in the coming decade, and the growth of tourism in Texas (or the birth of tourist development) during the 1960's. Arnold did an indepth report on economics, or inflation of the 1960's and how it will affect Texans in the coming decade. KT had two: how the three top leaders of Texas look toward the coming decade, and how the voice of Texas, dominant for nearly 40 years, is stilled now in national politics. (DA News used latter on 12/27 inside with 8-col head).

Happy holidays, etc

Kyle Thompson/Austin CC: REC, LAH, TH, FJS, KLY, files