Austin Bureau Report From 1970

Here's a Jan. 9, 1970, Austin bureau report from Kyle Thompson to Don Reed covering the period ending 3/28/70:

Politics and particularly the U.S. Senate election is beginning to play a heavier role in the US report. During the first week of this (late) report I spent three days in South Texas covering (1) Republican meeting on Mexican-American vote drive, from which we got some good copy that got good house; (2) Lloyd Bentsen's kickoff rally and free BBQ in McAllen; and (3) the State Democratic Executive Committee meeting in San Antonio. The oposition did not cover the first two and I think we came up with some pretty good exclusive stuff.

Ann Arnold had a very good, and exclusive, story on 3/4 on report that 30 to 50 percent of high school students probably have smoke marijuana, and some results of research with the drug. This reporting period also included two long, long weekends of state schoolboy basketball playoffs.

Roland Lindsey had a good Sunday piece 3/22 on a look at Paul Eggers, the GOP major candidate for governor and the only guy standing between Preston Smith and a second term as chief executive.

Less we forget, this reporting period also included the 12- day hospitalization of LBJ. As you know, Ann Arnold helped staff the first week of this and I can give little on it since she filed through DA. But is my impression that she did a damned good job.

On March 24, the only bank in the small town of Pflugerville, 12 miles north of Austin, was robbed by two men at 11:45 a.m. Thanks to an early tip from local TV newsman friend we had our first urgent on wire 17 minutes after the robbery and in time to hit heavy noon news casts of those who read the CCC wire.

KT staff Yarborough campaign rally in HS 3/19; RL staffed LBJ at Earl Rudder's funeral 3/25. KT's Sunday 3/29 column indicates Bentsen gaining on Yarborough, but will not overtake him in year's big Demo election in Texas.

AA left early 3/26 with Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes on two-day inspection tour of the state's drug treatment centers, and you know the results.

Well, that's a pretty light report; we'll have to get our enterprisers going again.

Best regards, Kyle Thompson

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