1969 Letter to Kyle Thompson

Here's a Dec. 4, 1969, letter from Southwest Division editor Don Reed to Austin bureau manager Kyle Thompson:

Dear Kyle:

We've had a "good show" in recent weeks by the Austin bureau, largely I suspect because of your guiding hand.

We need to toot our horn but we can't unless you take the time once a week to look back and describe briefly Austin's performance with copies to REC, LAH, TH and FJS, plus KLY/AQ (he handles West Texas).

Because of the demands of news and in the interest of getting the regexs better acquanted with the daily doings of our bureaus we must request a weekly rundown on performance. It also is a must for issuing "promos."

DPM has done a number in the past but I feel now that the promotions should be turned over in Texas to TH and FJS with supervision from REC-LAH so the regexs can aim the promos in a direction coordinated with their sales efforts, broadcast or newspaper-wise or both.

For a starter, we ought to get promos on the latest beats scored from Austin, including the exclusive on the lousy physician appointments by the governor, political columns, Texas football wrapup etc. Please make this your first order of business so we can hit the printers by next week.

TH and FJS can draw straws on drafting the promo or do it jointly.

Best regards, Don Reed

cc: rec-lah, fjs, th kly dpm