UPI Hires New CEO in 1994

Here is an item that moved on the PR Newswire on Jan. 19, 1994, concerning United Press International's hiring of a new CEO:


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WASHINGTON, Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- United Press International issued the following:

United Press International's new management team is in place and ready for battle. It is headed by L. Brewster Jackson, C.E.O. -- the unanimous choice of both the new ownership and consultants who assisted in the search-who doesn't much resemble the traditional news service chief of old. "We speak a whole new language here," said Jackson, referring to information products, including traditional news gathering and distribution, spin-off and specially focused information packages and other services.

U.P.I. hasn't abandoned its 86 year history of timely, accurate and comprehensive worldwide news services, as a matter of fact, it is expanding it exponentially. "We are strengthening our core news systems, making them more global, more business oriented, more timely and more useful," said Jackson. "In fact, our sales revenues doubled each month in the last quarter of 1993," he pointed out.

If you look at the rest of the senior management team's professional experience, they too are unique. They come from media companies, information industry companies, international business arenas, high-tech systems and contemporary management thinking organizations. To the outside observer, it is obvious that the strategic direction of U.P.I. has been dramatically changed, Jean AbiNader, Vice President of Operations, also "talks the talk" of the new breed. "Our worldwide technology investment alone should tell the world that we aren't resting on our laurels. Our new global satellite system, delivering an array of news and information services to desk top computers anywhere in an instant says a lot about our future direction," AbiNader said.

Tom Adams, Vice President of Worldwide Sales, and Peter Leach, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, also share the vision. Adams has recruited and hired over 35 new worldwide sales positions and is organizing and training sales personnel to be comfortable in both media and corporate/government markets. Leach is already developing new business information services, forming strategic alliances and joint venture arrangements which greatly enhance U.P.I.'s product offerings both domestically and internationally. Everything offered by U.P.I., ncluding images, photos and other graphics are being technologically upgraded for delivery by satellite.

Topping off the new offerings is the U.P.I.-designed user viewing software which allows the user to simply click on an icon and view multi-media presentations of incoming news, financials, sports scores, breaking stories, pictures, sound bites, and anything else you can think of. This software alone represents a state of the art leap into the future and could easily become a stand-alone product for U.P.I.

Roger Kohl, Vice President of Finance (CFO), also has the vision but with a distinct slant toward profitability. He'll be responsible for maximizing the benefits of a newly installed worldwide financial software system. "With this new software and the installation of computers, LANS and WANS in all our Regional Offices and Bureaus, we will have minute by minute reporting and accountability systems." A comprehensive MIS system is also in the works which will tie together every operating area of the company enabling it to share information and be able to respond to every contingency almost immediately.

Finally, a worldwide Customer Service program is already underway which will place U.P.I. among the leaders in service excellence.

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