Calis Named UPI Executive Editor/ Vice President in 1995

This moved on the UPI wire on Oct. 3, 1995:


WASHINGTON, Oct. 3 (UPI) -- United Press International announced Monday the appointment of veteran international journalist Raphael Calis as executive editor and vice president.

The appointment was announced by L. Brewster Jackson, chief executive officer of the international news agency now in its 88th year.

Calis, 52, has been a foreign correspondent and editor for most of his 30-year career, holding top editorial and publishing positions in London, Washington and the Middle East for daily newspapers, magazines and wire services.

Calis comes to UPI from a position as director of corporate planning for Saudi Research and Marketing Group, a holding company with six subsidiaries that publish four daily newspapers and nine magazines.

For the previous 13 years, Calis served as Washington bureau chief for the Kuwait News Agency and as the director of the agency's operations in the United States, Canada and Latin America.

"I feel very much myself a Washingtonian, having covered this capital over the span of four administrations," said Calis. "I am very excited about my mandate from UPI to develop broader coverage of international political, economic and business news, because that will draw on my experience as an international journalist."

Calis previously was the editor in chief of the monthly magazine, The Middle East, published in London by I.C. Publications, a publishing company of which he was vice president and a member of the board of directors.

Calis served as managing editor of The Daily Star, a daily English-language newspaper in Beirut, before Lebanon's civil war. He also served as editor in chief of The Middle East Sketch, a weekly English-language magazine.

As executive editor, Calis will lead UPI's global network of bureaus and correspondents in 73 countries. His appointment comes at a time when UPI is restructuring its worldwide operations to provide global coverage of business events for corporate clients, while continuing to serve its media clients.

Acquired in 1992 by an international investment group and energized by a new management team picked from among leading information publishing companies, UPI has completed the development of a worldwide satellite communications system that can deliver its information to corporate or media clients on personal computers equipped with UPI's

WorldView software running under Microsoft Windows

UPI has launched a number of specialized vertical information services covering specific industries and regional economies tailored to meet the information needs of international companies.

"UPI is continuing to report the news stories and features widely used by media outlets around the world," Jackson said. "But our new vertical and regional economic information services will be built on top of our existing foundation of news coverage provided by our network of bureaus in key cities around the world."