AP Clarifies UAW Story

The 'Report on Accuracy and The Associated Press' contained this Associated Press story from the Aug. 7, 1979, edition of the Chicago Sun-Times:

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- The Associated Press reported erroneously Sunday that United Auto Workers president Douglas Fraser said his union would consider accepting an "inferior" contract from financially troubled Chrysler Corp.

At a press conference Sunday, Fraser said that Chrysler president Lee Iacocca told UAW officials on Friday that the company "wanted Chrysler workers temporarily to accept inferior wage and fringe benefits to those enjoyed by (workers at) Ford and GM."

After he reiterated that the UAW would not take up the question of a lesser settlement at Chrysler until the contracts were settled at Ford and GM, he was asked if the UAW might then accept an inferior settlement to the pattern contract negotiated with Ford and GM. He responded that the union would "not close the door on that."