1997 Memo on Closing Foreign Bureaus

Here's a January 1997 message/memo from Sean Lamb, UPI administration controller, that effectively announced the closing of several foreign bureaus, including Moscow, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Brussels, Bonn or Berlin, Jerusalem, Beirut and Cairo:

All Staff Euromedaf Division 17103.

As you all know, Worldwide News Inc. t/a United Press International (U.P.I.) is undergoing a radical change in both its size and in it's orientation to the market for news and information.

These developments are in response to the fast changing market for news and information world-wide. The restructured U.P.I. will be designed to provide specialist services, thus meeting market needs in the 21st Century. This is essential if we are to ensure a solid business performance in the immediate future and a profitable operation in the longer term.

Initially, U.P.I. will concentrate on broadcast services in the United States and on Arabic Language services in this Division. They will all be directed at the emerging markets, for services in different languages.

Starting next week, we shall begin a scheduled and planned series of closures in this Division. This means that there is now a need for departmental and individual roles to either diminish or disappear completely.

This has been a very difficult time for you all. I thank you for your patience and goodwill.

Sean Lamb
Administration Controller
Worldwide News Inc. t/a
United Press International.