Southwest Division News/Notes From 1973

Here is a March 6, 1973, "SOUTHWEST DIVISION NEWS NOTES" from Don Reed, Southwest Division news editor (at that time, according to the letterhead, the UPI bureau in Dallas was located at 901 North Tower, 8585 North Stemmons; phone number: 214/630-3560):

FREEBIES: There have been several inquiries to the editor about our policy on accepting tickets to sports events and other forms of entertainment. HLS notes:

"UPI correspondents are expected to maintain an arm's-length relationship with people or organizations in the news. They are forbidden to accept gifts from any sources whose activities fall within their own areas of news coverage responsibility. We do not classify as gifts the working press credentials or tickets required for admission of correspondents to sports events, the theater or other types of legitimate entertainment which we normally cover."

ONITE: The DA Onite is in the business of selling trunkable items from the Southwest to the NX Onite desk, says Jim King. "The more items sold, the more winning logs we get."

But, Jim correctly notes, "it all starts in the line. Dallas cannot compete with the AP in national copy unless it is joined by its team members in the field.

"This means staffers in AQ, KO, KP, DX, CK, NE and others need to read the AAA and take note how wireopeners are constructed and to see what is selling. It means gleaning local papers with an open, imaginative spirit looking for items that can balloon into blockbuster log-winners overnight. It means trying to sell your trunkers to DA just as DA tries to sell its copy to NX, without being asked. Call out. Upbuild. Get quotes. Get color. And get them in early to DA."

FOLLOW: BMF/NX notes that we ought to be more diligent in the follow-up department, especially on trunk stories that appeared to die after making the headlines. A possible procedure is to periodically list the top stories in your area every six months and make checkbacks on people involved to determine whether updating is warranted.

UPINERS: Only Jeff City and Dallas have mustered a sustained production of news shorts and fillers for the UPIN columns via PRA/NX. Again, for the umpteenth time, each bureau is asked to shower down with a half dozen weekly. 73 dur da

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