July 1968 UPI Directory (Domestic)

Here's an abbreviated version of the UPI Directory from July 1968:

Frank Bartholomew, chairman of the board
Mims Thomason, president and general manager
A.P. Bock, comptroller and secretary
LeRoy Keller, vice president and general manager/international
Francis Leary, vice president and executive director
Cliff McDowell, vice president and general manager/UPI Newspictures
Wayne Sargent, vice president and general sales manager
Roger Tatarian, vice president and editor
Barnard Townsend, financial vice president
Frank Tremaine, vice president and general business manager

DOMESTIC NEWS DEPARTMENT H.L. Stevenson, managing editor Jesse Bogue, assistant managing editor Eugene Haggerty, bureau manager (New York) Paul Allerup, editor UPI Newsfeatures Harold Blemenfeld, director of special projects Richard Brown, financial editor Lucien Carr, news editor Paul Eberhart, national TTS editor John Fallon, foreign editor John Griffin, executive sports editor Richard Growald, overnight cables editor William Laffler, news editor Walter Logan, day cables editor John Martinco, night cables editor Francis McCarthy, Latin-America news editor Bill Middlebrooks, news editor Dean Miller, business editor Bruce Munn, chief U.N. correspondent Phil Newsom, foreign news analyst Gay Pauley, women's editor H.D. (Doc) Quigg, senior editor Delos Smith, science editor Frederick Treesh, news editor Jack Woliston, news editor Thomas Zumbo, New York City editor
NEWSPICTURES Cliff McDowell, general manager Charles McCarty, assistant general manager Salvatore Acerra, bureau manager Jerome Callahan, chief telephone engineer Larry DeSantis, assignment editor Harry Leder, chief photographer Earl LeClair Jr., Newspictures communications coordinator Edward Majeski, executive picture editor Leo Stoecker, international director
COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT Leroy Mehlman, director Edward Yotka, general sales manager Alfred Whalen, bureau manager John Fletcher, library sales manager Eric Erickson, library manager Thomas Hawley, film sales manager
BROADCAST SERVICES Peter Willett, general manager Bill Ferguson, editor, national radio Frank Sciortino, program director and bureau manager, audio Arthur McAloon, news editor, audio Pendleton Stevens, chief engineer, audio
SPECIAL SERVICES Edmonds Allen, director of special services John Nagel, sales manager Wayne Butler, manager Wayne Sargent, general sales manager Thomas Cunningham, sales manger, radio-TV Richard Fales, general sales executive Robert Woodsum, generalsales executive Kenneth Smith, promotion manager
OFFICE OF THE COMPTROLLER AND SECRETARY A.P. Bock, comptroller and secretary
ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT A.C. Becker, chief accountant and assistant secretary Charles Dolansky, chief auditor
AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING PERSONNEL AND PURCHASING Joseph Sbano, assistant comptroller Andrew Fedich,ADP manager Irving Peck, manger personnel administration Paul von Schlichten, personnel office manager Robert Ricca, purchasing manager
COMMERCIAL AND CREDIT DEPARTMENTS Joseph Frigenti, commercial manager William O'Brien, credit manager Paul Sermeus, supervisor mailroom
GENERAL BUSINESS Tom Howard, executive assistant to general business manager
LABOR RELATIONS Harry Varian, director of labor relations
COMMUNICATIONS James Darr, general manager of communications Reynold DiCuia, assistant superintendent of Telegraph J.W. Morris, chief of maintenance J. Panico, assistant to superintendent of Telegraph-personnel Charles Rippert, executive assistant to communications manager Walter Sullivan, service manager F.R. Williiams, superintendent of Telegraph
TELEGRAPH DEPARTMENT Chief operator -- S.W. McCleave Day chief operator -- A.S. Fischer Overnight chief operator -- R. McAniff Night chief operator -- R. Platz Relief chief operator -- E. Vassello
CHIEF OPERATORS Atlanta -- J. Folinus Boston -- R.E. Whitehead Chicago -- W.E. Kimbrough Columbus -- C.S. Taylor Dallas -- J.T. Tolbert Denver -- H.D. Bothmer Los Angeles -- W.S. Shaw Philadelphia -- W.S. Whitlock Pittsburgh -- G.H. Briggs St. Louis -- J.W. Michalski San Francisco -- W.B. Rector Washington -- J.K. Eldrige
UPITN, INC. New York Burton Reinhardt, vice president and general manager Maurice Schonfeld, managing editor Roy Berke, bureau manager Fred Greene, business manager Roger Kent, sales manager Chicago Howard Stonesifer, bureau manager Washington, D.C. Paul Sisco, bureau manager
DOMESTIC BUREAUS Albany, N.Y. (KT) King Kirtland, New York State Manager John Maloy, bureau manager Joseph Paeglow, Newspictures bureau manager Albuquerque, N.M. (AQ) Kenneth Englade, bureau manager Atlanta, Ga. (AJ) Rhea Eskew, Southern Division manager Fred Parker, Southern Division business manager Chiles Coleman, assistant to division manager Lewis Lord, Southern Division news editor Donald Phillips, Atlanta bureau manager Martin Murphy, night manager O'Neil Hendrick, overnight manager Joseph Folinus, division communications manager David Moffit, division sports editor Atlanta, Ga. Newspictures (AJP) Fred Lyon Jr., Division newspictures editor J.W. Hodges, chief telephoto engineer Jerry Huff, Newspictures bureau manager Augusta, Maine (ME) Robert Adolph, bureau manager Austin, Texas (US) David Anderson, bureau manager Bob Thomas, newspictures bureau manager (BR) Stephen Morrow, bureau manager Baton Rouge, La. (BG) Mikel Miller, bureau manager Birmingham, Ala. (BX) Lawrence Falk, bureau manager Bismark, N.D. (BM) Boise, Idaho (BE) Richard Charnock Jr., bureau manager Boston, Mass. (BH) Calvin Thornton, Northeastern Division manager Stanton Berens, New England news manager Paul Robbins, bureau manager Peter Cronin, New England broadcast news manager Richard Dew Jr., New England sports editor Robert Whitehead, division communications manager David Wurzel, New England Newspictures manager Buffalo, N.Y. (BF) Allan Bruce, bureau manager Cape Kennedy, Fla (BW) A.H. Rossiter Jr., bureau manager Carson City, Nev. (CC) Robert Ryan, bureau manager Charleston, W.Va. (CW) Robert Gornall, bureau manager Charlotte, N.C. (CT) Terry Wooten, bureau manager Chattanooga, Tenn. (CG) Richard Leggitt, bureau manager Cheyenne, Wyo. (TM) Pete Kelly, bureau manager Chicago, Ill. (HX) Dale Johns, Central Division manager Frank Beatty, executive assistant Gene Gillette, Central Division news editor David Smothers, Chicago news editor Frank Spencer, bureau manager Everett Irwin, night manager Edward Sainsbury, division sports editor W.F. Kimbrough, division communications manager Chicago, Ill (HXP) Gary Haynes, division newspictures editor Peter Harris, Newspictures bureau manager Jack Harenberg, division chief telephoto engineer Louis Tepke, manager Midwest region, commerical photo department Chicago, Ill. (HXR) Peter Willett, general manager William Reilly, audio correspondent Bill Ferguson, editor, national radio Thomas McGann, bureau manager John Pelletreau, news editor Charles Ahrens, sports editor Pat Craig, Sunday editor Weber Trout, feature editor Cincinnati, Ohio (PO) Robert Weston, bureau manager Cleveland, Ohio (SM) Joel Shurkin, bureau manager Ronald Kuntz, newspictures bureau manager Columbia, S.C. (CA) Robert Gordon, bureau manager William Womack, newspictures bureau manager Columbus, Ohio (CZ) Dallas Boothe, bureau manager Theodore Virostko, assistant bureau manager Mason Blosser, night manager Craig Mailloux, newspictures bureau manager Concord, N.H. (HM) Edward Dooley, bureau manager Dallas, Texas (DA) William Payette, Southwestern Division manager LeRoy Hamann, Southwestern Division business manager Jefferson Grigsby, Southwestern Division news editor Preston McGraw, Texas news manager Judson Dixon, Southwestern Division radio editor Edwin Fite, Southwestern Division sports editor William Clayton, bureau manager James Tolbert, Southwestern Division communications manager Dallas, Texas (DAP) Jerry McNeill, Southwestern Division Newspictures editor Max Van Duser, Southwestern Division chief telephoto engineer Jack Klinge, manager, Longhorn Region, commercial photo division Denver, Colo. (DX) Lester Kjos, bureau manager Joe Marquette, Newspictures bureau manager Des Moines, Iowa (NW) Bruce Bakke, bureau manager Dennis Cook, Newspictures bureau manager Detroit, Mich. (DU) Frederick Mohn, bureau manager and Michigan state editor Michael Conlon, assistant bureau manager Arthur Chernecki, Newspictures bureau manager Edinburg, Texas (EB) Kenneth Clark, bureau manager Frankfort, Ky. (FY) John Guiniven, bureau manager Fresno, Calif. (FZ) Reeve Hennion, bureau manager Grand Rapids, Mich. (HP) George Zarry, bureau manager Greensboro, N.C. (GS) Robert Huntley, bureau manager Harrisburg, Pa. (HG) Lloyd Rochelle, bureau manager Phadrig Cahill, Newspictures bureau manager Hartford, Conn. (HF) James Healion, bureau manager Frank Lorenzo, Newspictures bureau manager Helena, Mont. (HN) Bill McFarland, bureau manager Honolulu, Hawaii (99) Webster Nolan, bureau manager Karl Kramer, Newspictures bureau manager Houston, Texas (HS) Darrell Mack, bureau manager Walter Frerck, Newspictures bureau manager Houston, Texas space bureau (LX) Edward DeLong II, bureau manager Indianapolis, Ind. (IA) Boyd Gill, Indianapolis bureau manager and Indiana editor Kurt Freudenthal, assistant bureau manager James Schweiker, Newspictures bureau manager Jackson, Miss. (JK) Andrew Reese, bureau manager Jacksonville, Fla. (JX) Charles Aldinger, bureau manager Jefferson City, Mo. (JC) Rael Amos, bureau manager Kansas City, Mo. (KP) William Osthoff, bureau manager Dale Monaghen, Newspictures bureau manager Knoxville, Tenn. (KI) Carl Vines Jr., bureau manager Lansing, Mich. (NS) Richard Hughes, bureau manager Las Vegas, Nev. (LV) Myram Borders, bureau manager Lexington, Ky. (LG) Lincoln, Neb. (SR) William Ketter, bureau manager Little Rock, Ark., (CK) Charles Richards, bureau manager Los Angles, Calif. (HC) John Madigan, Southern California-Arizona news editor John Lowry, bureau manager David Linton, overnight editor Alexander Kahn, Southern California sports editor Edward O'Connor Jr., night manager Vernon Scott, Hollywood editor, Domestic Services Carlos Schiebeck, Newspictures bureau manager Louisville, Ky. (SV) Louis Von Bergen, bureau manager Lubbock, Texas (LU) Tommy Geddie, bureau manager Madison, Wis. (MD) Francis Ryan, bureau manager Dennis Connor, Newspictures bureau manager Marion, Ill. (LE) Samuel Hancock, bureau manager Memphis, Tenn. (MP) James Evans, bureau manager Miami, Fla. (MH) Frank Eidge Jr., bureau manager and Florida editor Charles Taylor, assistant bureau manager Hugo Wessels, Newspictures bureau manager Milwaukee, Wis. (UC) Gene Hintz, bureau manager and Wisconsin editor Ralph Schauer, Newspictures bureau manager Minneapolis, Minn. (MS) Richard McFarland, bureau manager and Minnesota editor Robert Penick, assistant bureau manager Daniel Dmitruk, Newspictures bureau manager Mobile, Ala. (MI) James Felder Jr., bureau manager Montgomery, Ala. (MG) Randolph Pendleton, bureau manager and Alabama editor Montpelier, Vt. (VT) Charles Kershner, bureau manager Nashville, Tenn. (NV) Duren Cheek, bureau manager and Tennessee state editor Samuel Parrish, Newspictures bureau manager New Orleans, La. (NE) Carroll Trosclair, bureau manager Bernard Cleary, Newspictures bureau manager New York, N.Y.(see earlier entry) Newark, N.J. (NK) Hugh Connor, bureau manager Oklahoma City, Okla. (KO) James Campbell, bureau manager and Oklahoma manager Olympia, Wash. (YM) Eugene Flynn, bureau manager Omaha, Neb. (WH) Charles Wieser, bureau manager and Nebraska manager William Stephens, assistant bureau manager Philadelphia, Pa. (NA) Ed McFall, bureau manager John Gaudiosi, night manager Gary Edwards, , Newspictures bureau manager Phoenix, Ariz. (IX) Herbert Surrett, bureau manager Pierre, S.D. (PR) Gary Drewes, bureau manager Pittsburgh, Pa. (PS) Normal Cafarell, Eastern Division manager Bernard Nilles, Eastern Division business manager Norman Braun, Eastern Division news editor Frank Berkopec, Pennslyvania news editor and bureau manager James Dever, Eastern Division Newspictures editor Warren dana, manager Keystone region (commercial photography) Portland, Maine (PX) David Bradley, bureau manager Portland, Ore. (JO) Willard Eberhart, Oregon state manager and bureau manager Howard Applegate, assistant bureau manager Michael Conard, Newspictures bureau manager Raleigh, N.C. (RA) Richard Hatch, bureau manager and North Carolina editor John Belich, Newspictures bureau manager Reno, Nev. (MC) Russell Nielson, bureau manager Richmond, Va. (RV) Donald Davis, bureau manager Rochester, N.Y. (DV) Clarence Bassett, bureau manager St. Louis, Mo. (X) Leo Soroka, bureau manager Bruno Torres, Newspictures bureau manager St. Paul, Minn. (WS) William Fox, bureau manager Sacremento, Calif. (BC) DeVan Shumway, bureau manager Norman Kempster, assistant bureau manager Alfred Vander White, Newspictures bureau manager Salem, Ore. (GP) Donald Jepson, bureau manager Salt Lake City, Utah (AG) William Stanfield, bureau manager San Diego, Calif. (KM) Raymond Means, bureau manager San Francisco, Calif. (SX) Richard Litfin, Pacific Division manager Robert Crennen, Pacific Division business manager Joe Morgan, Pacific Division news manager Scott Baillie, Pacific Division sports editor Donald Reed, bureau manager Neal Corbett, overnight manager Rodney Guifoil, division radio editor W.B. Rector, division communications manager Raymond Maroney, division Newspictures manager Alvin Cocking, Newspictures bureau manager Roy Davenport, division chief telephoto engineer Santa Fe, N.M. (FR) John Cornelison, bureau manager Seattle, Wash. (AR) Martin Heerwald, Washington state editor and bureau manager Sioux Falls, S.D. (SF) Ronald Larsen, bureau manager and South Dakota editor Spokane, Wash. (SP) Michael Uptagrafft, bureau manager Springfield, Ill. (GX) Richard Adorjan, Illinois news editor and bureau manager Leslie Sintay, Newspictures bureau manager Springfield, Mass. (SD) Joanne Omang, bureau manager Tallahassee, Fla. (TA) Barbara Frye, bureau manager Jerome Shields, Newspictures bureau manager Tampa, Fla. (TP) Orval Jackson, bureau manager Topeka, Kan. (AC) John Magers Jr., bureau manager Trenton, N.J. (TR) Robert Gatty, bureau manager Tucson, Ariz. (TC) William Coleman, bureau manager Tulsa, Okla. (TW) Frederick Lankard, bureau manager Washington, D.C. (WA) Julius Frandsen, vice president-Washington manager Grant Dillman, news editor George Weeks, International Department editor John Vogt, manager-Washington Capitol News Service George J. Marder, radio manager John Chambers, audio bureau manager George Gaylin, Newspictures manager James Southerland, Newspictures editor
REGIONAL EXECUTIVES Central Division Jep Cadou (Indiana); Ray Doherty (Wisconsin); Peter Dunne (South Illinois, St. Louis); John Gregory (Indiana); James Quinn Jr. (Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota); Ronald Riechmann (Michigan); Ronald Wills (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota) Eastern Division Willis Evans (Ohio); John Langdon (northeastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia); Richard Toren (western Pennsylvania, northwest West Virgina, western tip of Maryland); Fred Ferguson (New Jersey, southeastern Pennylvania); Henry Blount (Kentucky, southern West Virgina) Northeastern Division Eugene Blabey (New York); Philip Keohane (Westchester County, Long Island, east New York); Bernard Caughey (New England-broadcasting) Pacific Division Robert Bennyhoff (Arizona, southern California, southern Nevada); Zan Stark (Oregon, Washington); James Buckner (northern California, northern Nevada); Douglas Gripp (Arizona, southern Nevada, southern California); Gary Neeleman (Montana, southern Idaho, Utah); Gordon Rice (southern California, Arizona, southern Nevada). Southern Division Thomas Beatty (South Carolina); Jimm Britnell (Tennessee); Hugh Brown (Florida); John Hussey (Alabama, Mississippi); Edward McHale (Virginia); William Tome (North Carolina); John Young (Georgia). Southwestern Division Samuel Hales (Kansas, Missouri); Travis Hughs (South Texas); Max Jennings (New Mexico, West Texas); Sam Marler (Colorado, Wyoming); Frank Schultz (North Texas); Pinky Vidacovich (Oklahoma, Arkansas)

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