'UPI Sports Editor to Join Enquirer'

Here's a story from the April 16, 1988, edition of Editor & Publisher:

David Tucker, United Press International's top sports editor since 1985, will leave UPI in May to join the Philadelphia Inquirer as assistant sports editor.

Meanwhile, Pieter vanBennekom, who negotiated the transfer of control from Mario Vazquez Rana to WNW Group, Inc., was named to a new job, senior vice president of international operations.

Tucker, 40, joined UPI about four years ago after seven years as national sports editor of UP Canada.

He told E&P he left for several reasons, after first being approached by the Inquirer in November. UPI's tentative financial health was "not really" a factor, he said, since its future was "uncertain since the day I took the job."

"Maybe it became a little wearing," Tucker said, maintaining the move was in the best interest of his career and family.

Say he was "unsure" of UPI's direction, Tucker was "encouraged in some ways" by its new management, despite sports losing six fulltime jobs from a staff of 47 worldwide sportswriters.

vanBekkehom, who joined UPI in 1969 and held various reporting and management jobs until becoming an aide to Vazquez, will oversee business and editorial operations overseas, where UPI gets 15 percent of its revenue.

A Dutch citizen, he speaks five languages and has worked for newspapers in the Netherlands, Colorado, Canada and Mexico.