E&P: UPI Making Various Changes

(Here is a May 2003 story from Editor & Publisher about UPI's latest layoffs and reorganization.)


United Press International announced a restructuring that includes layoffs, hirings, and changes in the content it distributes.

UPI laid off 16 editorial employees while starting to add what may end up being 10-15 new sales, marketing, and IT staffers, a spokesman told E&P Online. UPI now has 140 employees worldwide, including about 80 editorial ones.

Changes include more content for electronic formats such as wireless devices and digital kiosks, expanded photo coverage, the launch of a Spanish-language news service focusing on issues relevant to Hispanic-Americans, more Arabic-language coverage and more analytical and in-depth content.

"The world has become saturated with breaking news from many, many sources and we believe the value of our products is not simply in reporting the news, but in telling readers what impact the news will have on them," said Bill Creighton, UPI vice president for global sales and marketing."

The 1907-founded UPI has 100-plus clients, including a handful of newspapers in the United States, a number of papers abroad, and customers such as Web sites. It also reaches other clients via partnership arrangements.