UPI Annual Report from1967

Here is an annual report story on UPI released on April 19, 1967:


NEW YORK (UPI) -- United Press International is reporting world news for more readers and listeners than ever before, Mims Thomason, president and general manager, said Wednesday.

Thomason, beginning his sixth year as executive head of the worldwide news agency, declared in his annual report that the past 12 months represented a banner period for UPI.

"UPI enters its 61st year serving 2,480 subscribers worldwide, a net gain of 213 in the past 12 months," he said. "In the United States, we now serve 1,180 newspapers, a net gain of 23 over a year ago.

"In the broadcast field, UPI serves 3,078 domestic subscribers, a net gain of 96 in the past year."

Not explicit in these figures but evidence of the company's dramatic expansion, Thomason said, was the fact that the UPI audio service now supplies 320 broadcast stations with its seven-day, around-the-clock service. He explained that these audio subscribers also receive a basic UPI newswires and thus have already been listed in the client roster.

Thomason reported that the cost of operating UPI during 1966 totaled $47,640,000, an increase of $1,600,000 over the previous year. He said this did not include the multi-million dollar operation of UPI Newsfilm Inc., a subsidiary producing newsfilm for television stations.

Thomason declared that UPI's achievements were a symbol of "the growing desire of newspapers and broadcasters everywhere to present improved coverage of the news and the news behind the news."

Thomason said UPI editors were increasingly conscious of their responsibility to go beyond the mere routine of the day's news events.

"In the complex era in which we live--amid conflict, controversy and confusion -- interpretive background and authoritative news features that highlight the meaning of the news are of increasing importance," he declared.

"So is the type of public service investigative reporting that sheds light on conditions and facts of national, international or local concern."