UPI Introduces New Filing Format in 1992

Here's an client advisory issued by UPI in 1992 about a new filing format:


News Directors, Executive Producers, Editors, Copy Desk Chiefs, System Operators (SYSOPs)

United Press International today introduces a new filing format to better serve customers. Several large bureaus have used this format for more than a week; today, the remaining bureaus begin using the format. The changes will not affect the UPI broadcast script service.

Beginning today, all news stories transmitted by UPI will be filed in three formats: as a UPI Spotlight, as a UPI Story (Update) and, when warranted, as a UPI Expanded. Here is a brief description of each version:

--SPOTLIGHT: This is a two-sentence summary of the news event being reported by UPI. Reporters and editors working on stories will summarize the basic, important elements and file two sentences as a single paragraph. The story will carry the world "-spot" at the end of the slugline, a headline and a special "UPI Spotlight" label. The Spotlight will be the first word on a story. Particularly urgent stories will be filed as "Urgent Spotlights."

--STORY: Once the basic reporting is complete and UPI has enough details for a story, a 150-250 word story will be filed using "-update" at the end of the slug. The story will include quotes, name pronunciations and more detail than the Spotlight. Transmission of the Update depends on the story, and could be up to 30 minutes after the initial "Spotlight" summary.

--EXPANDED: The longer and more traditional length story will be transmitted, where warranted, on the major stories of the day. The Expanded format will be used on complicated stories, and especially on roundup stories where a story is occurring in many places.

This format change will NOT change the two best-known filing formats used by UPI: the flash and bulletin. Both will remain part of the format, to be used for stories of critical importance and magnitude. The UPI broadcast script service, produced by the UPI Radio Network, also is not altered by this change. The script format of headlines and briefs was revised earlier this year.

We welcome comments on the new filing format. You can direct comments to Executive Editor Steve Geimann, Deputy Editorial Manager Tobin Beck or National News Manager Andra Varin at 202-898-8000.