More-More Brief Memories of Shapiro

Here are some memories of Henry Shapiro as captured by the late Dick Harnett of San Francisco, founder of the Downhold listserv:


Henry Shapiro, who worked for UP/UPI for many years in Moscow, was a man of considerable mystery, even to his bosses and fellow workers.

Tom Curran, European manager, wrote: "I was baffled by his relationship with the Russkies. He introduced me to a writer, who had helped him out. Next day that man passed by the National Hotel and gave me a packet he wanted me to mail on my return to London.

"I was leery after 13 years of (Argentine President Juan) Peron so told Shapiro about it and gave him the envelope. "I'm surprised he moved so fast." Sharpiro said, "Give me the letter and I'll take care of it."

On Sharpiro's death in 1991 Curran wrote: "Shapiro was an enigma to me. I never got over a vague feeling of uneasiness about how he maintained such cozy relations with the Commies. Perhaps it was because he was a Romanian AND a lawyer. Two strikes.

"Earl Johnson and Peg Vaughn made remarks about him to me which probably were the basis of my doubts. Did he make a Faustian deal to stay in Moscow? We will never know probably."