More-More-More Brief Memories of Shapiro

Here are some memories of Henry Shapiro as captured by the late Dick Harnett of San Francisco, founder of the Downhold listserv:

"In 1958 or '59 I took Moscow Bureau Manager Henry Shapiro to a Tennessee publisher's meeting where he appeared on a panel with a general from Washington.

"The general was carrying on about the vast threat of the 'combined red menace and yellow peril.'

"Henry responded that the Russkies had more guns and missiles aimed at China than at the U.S., and Americans were foolish not to exploit this situation." (which, some years later, Richard Nixon did.)


Sometime in 1962 or '63 Baker Marsh, editor of the Chicago Daily News news service (CDN) was addressing an Illinois editors meeting in Springfield.

Baker said no news organization, not CDN, not the AP, not even the august New York Times, could compete with United Press on diplomatic news out of the communist bloc or Europe because of the team of Henry Shapiro in Moscow and K.C. Thaler in London.