9/16/99 Memo on Yet Another Restructuring

Here's a Sept. 16, 1999 memo to UPI staff by Grey E. Burkhart "publisher" of UPI:


16 SEP 99

As most of you know, our Board of Directors met yesterday in Washington and were briefed by Arnaud and me on the progress we have made this year and our plans for the next 16 months. In the wake of the restructuring of the company over the past six weeks, we viewed this meeting as especially important for the future of UPI.

Arnaud described the meeting as "highly successful." At the meeting, the Board gave us the green light to investigate exciting opportunities for strategic partnerships with major organizations interested in the "new UPI." Negotiations are currently on-going with a view to forming new media alliances that will substantially enhance UPI's global presence.

The Board also appointed a new Strategic Committee with the mandate to facilitate our transition to a brighter future. Over the next several weeks, Arnaud and I, with the assistance of many of you, will be working closely with the committee to ensure that we move forward expeditiously. Until the committee's work is completed, we will not be launching any new initiatives, but--rumors to the contrary notwithstanding--UPI is very much alive. Thank you for all your hard work and continued support.