Jack Wilkinson's Broadcast Appointment

Here's a 1992 UPI story on Jack Wilkinson's new duties directing "broadcast script products":


Wilkinson named to oversee UPI broadcast script products

WASHINGTON (UPI) -- Veteran wire service writer and editor Jack Wilkinson Wednesday was named assistant managing editor of United Press International, responsible for overseeing the wire service's broadcast script reports.

The appointment was announced by Steve Geimann, UPI executive editor and executive vice president. Wilkinson will report to UPI Managing Editor Robert Kieckhefer.

Wilkinson, who has extensive experience as a regional and state writer and editor, is based in Atlanta.

In his new position, he will oversee UPI's national broadcast script operation as a primary editorial product and will provide added direction and report for state and regional broadcast services. He will continue a weekly video column and communications-related tasks that include custom programming for client selectors.

Geimann called Wilkinson "a UPI stalwart. Jack's been a mentor for many who have worked in the Atlanta newsroom over the years. His experience and guidance will be enormous assets for our clients."

"Jack Wilkinson is one of UPI's best writers," Kieckhefer said. "He has helped shape the UPI broadcast report for decades. In addition, his leadership by example and his calm, patient instruction have helped uncounted numbers of Unipressers understand the importance of broadcast writing in the overall U.S. information marketplace."

Wilkinson joined United Press in Denver in 1955 after a stint as a sportswriter with the New Orleans Times-Picayune. He later was New Mexico state editor in Albuquerque, assistant national sports editor in New York and Southern regional editor and Georgia state editor in Atlanta.

Since 1980 he has been involved with UPI computer operations and helped develop UPI's revolutionary CustomCoding delivery system.

Wilkinson is a native of Dallas, attended the University of Arkansas and served as a Navy journalist during the Korean War. He is married to the formerBeverly Busby and has two daughters in the business: Tracy, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, and Kelly, a photographer for the Indianapolis Star.