Memo on July 2003 Resignation of UPI Editor

Here's a July 21, 2003 memo from UPI Senior Vice President Larry R. Moffitt on the resignation of of John O'Sullivan, UPI's editor-in-chief:

Subject: 'Thank You John O'Sullivan.'
Date: 7/21/2003 11:14:27 PM Eastern Standard Time

Dear Staff:

Regretfully, I would like to announce that the board of directors and the president of UPI have accepted the resignation of John O'Sullivan. John has been offered the Editor-in-Chief position at The National Interest, a premier international affairs journal, and will be leaving UPI around the middle of August.

All of us here, from top to bottom, greatly appreciate the contribution John has made during his tenure as Editor-in-Chief. John has worked tirelessly to reshape the UPI wire service. He has put great effort into strengthening our editorial product by adding more analysis and commentary to help us stand apart from the other news agencies.

As we search for a successor, we aim to continue building on all of the good work John has done for UPI. Later this week we will be sending out a press release to publicly announce his resignation.

John has been a valuable resource to the company, and all of us wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Respectfully, Larry R. Moffitt Senior Vice President