1969 Story Letter to Tom Johnson

Here's a Dec. 10, 1969, letter from Kyle Thompson of the Austin bureau to Tom Johnson, executive assistant to President Johnson:

Mr. Tom Johnson
Executive Assistant to Lyndon B. Johnson
Federal Building
Austin, Texas 78701

Dear Tom:

I tried to telephone you this week, but you got out of town before we could get together. Briefly, here is what I need:

The UPI Editors Association of Texas holds its annual meeting in Dallas, and it comes up this time on Jan. 16-17. Our Division executives would like very much to have President Johnson speak to this group. We realize he gets, and has to turn down, zillions of invitations to speak. But, since this is for good old UPI, we feel he might consider it.

Actually, our thinking is that since this falls on the first anniversary of his ending a long, distinguished career of public service, he just MIGHT give a thought to talking to this group of Texas editors. Believe me, we would be most grateful if he can.

I would appreciate hearing from you on this as soon as possible since we will try to fill the void if the President cannot talk to this group.

Sincerely, Kyle Thompson