UPI Message Wires Hum Love Song

This story moved on UPI's A-wire on Oct. 17, 1990:

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UPI message wires hum a love song
     CHICAGO (UPI) -- The internal message wires at United Press International
were humming with routine business Wednesday when broadcast writer
Ellen Zyduck, busily writing a sports report, lost her concentration.
     She lost if because of a message from Tobin Beck in Milwaukee, deputy
editor of UPI's Central Region, that began:

zyduck-hx will u marry me?
Said Zyduck, "I was finishing up the second sports briefs. I glanced at the message wire and caught the message from Tobin. I got so flustered I totally forgot to do the next news briefs package, so everyone on the Chicago desk had to drop what they were doing and pitch in. I guess no one minded." What was wrought on UPI's message wire had its origins two years ago at a job interview in Fargo, N.D., said Zyduck, 31. "Tobin hired me (originally as South Dakota state editor) at Perkins Restaurant in Fargo and we became friends over the wire. We started dating in June 1989. We've never lived in the same city or even the same state. "We travel on weekends to see each other. Truly a long distance relationship. Our phone bills are over $300 a month," she said. Beck, 37, a 12-year veteran of UPI, said he and Zyduck first talked about marriage several weeks ago. "I wanted to propose in a different way, a way that we both could look back on and laugh, and treasure, years from now," he said. Zyduck had her own explanation for the delay. "It just takes a 37-year-old bachelor that long to get rid of the cold feet and make a formal proposal," Zyduck said. Her response?
beck-uc II marriage Roses are red, violets are blue, I'll see you at the altar With our relatives and friends, too.
And here begins Tobe and Ellen's excellent adventure. chrs-zyduck-nx ------------------- upi 10-17-90 12:57 ped