1987 Memo From Vazquez Rana

Here's a Nov. 6, 1987, memo to UPI staffers from then-owner Mario Vazquez Rana:

356m memo 11-6 memo to: all unipressers: from: mario vazquez rana: we will soo have a new editorial team at upi -- people you will all recognize as hardworking journalists who have dedicated most of their professional lives to united press international this editorial team will be helping to guide us into a brighter future. we are continuing the task of reshaping the company to make it efficient and its products more marketable. as we get upi on this new and firmer economic foundation. we can all look to a more vigorous future for the company -- a future that will free new creative energies and put upi back at the innovative edge of our industry where it belongs. energy and innovation have been bywords for upi for all its 80 years and we want to see that they continue to be for the next 80 years. in this effort each of you can help by rededicating you energies to producing a news product whose quality and integrity no one can impeach. don't let the rumors, sour grapes and bad press get you down. there is a lot of life left in upi. you have my continued commitment -- and with your full commitment -- we will get this company back on its feet and yet see greater successes and accomplishments in the next 80 years. but this means that we all have to start pulling together. it is no secret to anyone that upi is still losing a lot of money. our first task must be to find ways to stop these losses -- to get this company back in the black. to do this, we are asking for your help and the help of the new editors and managers throughout the company. areas of the operation where we are losing clients and money must be phased out or significantly reduced in size. at the same time, areas where we are gaining clients and making an adequate profit must be strengthened. for the time being this process of assessment and reshaping may make for a smaller and tighter company. but let me reassure all of you that this does not mean "meat-ax layoffs" as many of our more ill-intentioned critics have suggested. it does mean a much more careful husbanding of resources and a real rededication to getting the job done. let me say again that all of you can count on my continued support in this endeavor. for the tremendous esprit you have shown so far and continue to show, you and you families have deepest thanks and warm embrace. upi 11-06-87 01:45 pcs