UPI Memo on Hiring of New Editor

Here's an internal memo to UPI employees on the hiring of a new editor in chief:

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that UPI has found a new Editor-in-Chief with vast editorial experience on both sides of the Atlantic. He is John O'Sullivan, a former Editor of National Review as well as Policy Review; a former Associate Editor of the London Times; Assistant Editor of the London Daily Telegraph; and a former Editorial Page Editor at the New York Post. He starts work here Monday June 12.

John's byline has appeared all over the world. He has published in Encounter; Commentary; the New York Times; the Washington Post; The Times Literary Supplement; The New Criterion and many more. During the past 18 months he has been a troubleshooter for Hollinger International, the umbrella organization for the Conrad Black newspaper empire. This included the launch of the highly successful National Post in Canada.

John is a Brit who is a former Special Adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. He was made a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in the 1991 New Year's Honors List. He is much in demand as a speaker and lecturer. He is the Founder and co-chairman of the New Atlantic Initiative, an international bipartisan effort dedicated to reinvigorating and expanding the Atlantic Community of Democracies.

John now wants to focus his energies on reinvigorating UPI, and restoring our luster and magic of yesteryear with fresh ideas for our web-based future. Breaking major bellringers must once again become the norm rather than the exception.

Please help me welcome John aboard and extend all possible assistance as he gets his feet wet. Innovation is the name of the game and your out-of-the-box ideas will always be welcome.

John's message: "There has never been a better time to be in the news and information business. I feel privileged to join UPI, which has represented the highest standards of reporting for almost a century. Together we will make UPI the standard-bearer for news in the age of instant communications and the Internet."