Paul Steinle's Missives

Here's one of the so-called "hotline" messages posted in 1988 by then-new UPI president Paul Steinle, who came in with the FNN takeover:

070m staff re hotline: july 1, 1988 to: all upi staff this is a copy of a letter sent out today with thomas ferraro's story on the wire service guild vote thursday. it will be sent to major upi clients as well as more than 100 of our "hot" prospects." i wanted to share it with you: dear mr. editor: turning around troubled companies is rarely dramatic. in truth, the process is mainly slow and tedious. it requires expert analysis, thorough planning, relentness attention to detail and long-term commitment from every member of the organization. occasionally, however, there are benchmarks that focus attention on the progress being made. one such even was thursday's (june 30) vote by the members of upi's wire service guild to accept a compromise one-year contract hammered out by the guild leadership and upi management. that vote resolves 16 months of what one upi reporter called "turbulent negotiations." the news industry should take note of this event. it is another pledge of commitment from the employees of upi to serve the newspaper and broadcasting clients of upi. it means that the people who produce the news for this company are determined to keep upi alive. it means that these employees are willing to set aside whatever personal or professional differences they have internally and re-dedicate themselves to rebuilding upi. some analysts viewing the results of this vote may take a narrow view and attempt to characterize the results in terms of winners and losers among management, the guild leadership and various factions pro and con. that misses the point. what we have at upi is a dedicated, hardcore news organization that understands and appreciates the critical function it fulfills -- keeping competition alive. the people of upi won't let that mission die. because that mission is critical to the maintenance of a free press and a free society. they simply won't quit. this is the foundation upon which the new upi is being built. and the willingness of upi employees to commit themselves to the future demonstrates once again that the competitive spirit of upi burns brightly. sincerely, paul setinle upi 07-01-88 10:16 acd