View of Sale by Ex-Moonie

Here's a view of the sale of UPI to Moonie-controlled company by ex-Moonie Steven Hassan, writing for:


As a former leader of Moon's American branch of his empire, I am saddened to learn that the venerable news service UPI has been swallowed up by the cult that believes that democracy is Satanic. Moon thinks he is the Messiah (10 times greater that Jesus, Moses, Buddha or any leader in history) and that he is the True Parent of all mankind. He preaches that "God wants an automatic theocracy" with Moon as his sole representative on Earth.

As a true believer in the 1970s, I meditated on Moon aphorisms called "The Way of God's Will." One of these sayings is "Evil has deceived evil into goodness, but goodness has not been able to deceive evil into goodness. This must be the reason that Christianity couldn't accomplish God's Will bravely, until today." To translate, what he is saying is that because Satan deceived Adam and Eve into betraying God's commandment in the Garden of Eden, therefore Moon (who is perfected Adam) must use deception to trick Satan's children (us) into following God's Will.

Nowhere are Moon's lies more graphically demonstrable than reading the final report of the 1977-78 congressional investigation into Korean CIA activities in the United States. A copy of the final report's 80 pages on the Moonies are on my web site.

Colonel Bo Hi Pak, Moon's right hand man and former KCIA/CIA liaison person wrote a book and made a videotape called The Truth is My Sword. In these, Pak espoused lies regarding the official government investigation. He said the investigation found no evidence of KCIA activity with the Moon group (it did), no evidence of an M-16 gun factory (there was and is), and even went so far as to accuse congressman Donald Fraser of being a KGB agent (nonsense!).

What is wrong with a convicted felon who wants to take over the world owning and operating major media outlets? Buying UPI gets a seat with the President of the United States aboard Air Force One. Buying UPI gets editorial control over what stories get written and how. Anyone who believes that the Moonies have never exerted editorial influence over the Washington Times should speak with James Whelan, founding editor of the paper. He quit along with the editorial page editor years ago because they said they had no editorial independence.

Moon has reportedly spent over $1 billion to operate The Washington Times in D.C. since first acquiring it. The newspaper loses millions of dollars each month, but apparently buys lots of legitimacy and clout. U.S. Presidents Reagan and Bush repeatedly endorsed the Washington Times. Later, George Bush received a reported $2 million to do speaking engagements for Moon owned entities throughout the world. If you don't believe that Moon has firmly established his entities in the world media, ask yourself the following question. Why was there virtually no news coverage when Moon's 21 year old son, Phillip Moon committed suicide by jumping out of a 17-floor hotel window last October in Reno, Nevada? Ask yourself why there are so few stories written about Unificationists as a destructive mind control cult anymore? Have they changed? I think not.

Moon wants influence and control. Read his private speeches called "MasterSpeaks." Moon is buying UPI because he believes he is sinless and chosen to rule the world and this entity will help him to control information. According to his bible, The Divine Principle, when Moon takes over the world, there will only be one language spoken -- Korean. I say congratulations to veteran reporter Helen Thomas for resigning from UPI.

She shows integrity and class. I offer the following warning by Edmund Burke, "All it takes is for evil to triumph is for enough good men (people) to do nothing."