Geimann Report XIII

Internal report to UPI employees circa 1992 from former UPI executive Steve Geimann:

UPI-Newser 8-21

(This file is regularly updated for all to read. Our goal is a fresh edition every Friday. Your contributions are needed. We need editorial, sales and people items. Please send them to Geimann-WA via nzm.)


UPI is moving ahead on several fronts.

New sales representatives are being hired; a new sports service is providing agate and stories; a new Universal Desk is ready to operate in Washington; new services and staff are being added to the UPI Radio Network.

On the corporate front, bills for medical claims through June 28 should now be paid. Comprehensive Benefits Service Corp. received a large check from UPI last week, and made individual payments this week.

The first claims since the sale have also been received and were processed last week.

Corporate Developments

The deadline is nearing for submitting pre-petition (before Aug. 28, 1991) claims against UPI. Most domestic and some foreign employees have received "proof of claim" forms, prepared by a subcontractor, to be submitted to the court.

As was explained earlier, many pre-petition (before Aug. 28) claim forms might overstate some amounts, especially "priority employee" categories. In those cases, new forms will be sent to employees and new deadlines established.

Most employees and stringers in the United States received forms with amounts filled in. Anyone who got a form with a blank amount box needs to fill in the amount, provide the proof and submit the claim form to the New York address.

If you did N-O-T get a proof of claim form and believe UPI owes you money for expenses or work b-e-f-o-r-e August 28th, 1991, you can contact Poorman-Douglas Corp. in Oregon for a form or get a copy from UPI Washington.

The proof of claim forms sent to all employees by Poorman-Douglas are based on court filings. No further action is necessary if you agree with the amount. If you request a form, be prepared to submit the proof to back up your claim. Any receipts, bills, invoices, etc. will suffice.

The deadline for the current forms is Sept. 8.

Details for filing administrative claims arising since Aug. 28, 1991, and through June 27, 1992, will be provided later. The schedule for filing those claims has NOT been determined.

NAB Show

On another subject, UPI has agreed to sponsor the opening night reception at the annual meeting of the National Association of Broadcasters convention in New Orleans September 9th.

This is the organization that represents the interests of radio and television broadcasters. The New Orleans show, called "Radio '92," will showcase new products, new services and new opportunities for the broadcast industry.

UPI has appeared at this convention in previous years. This is the first time since 1990 that UPI has been present.

Bob Kennedy of Middle East Broadcasting Centre Ltd., the current UPI president, will lead the editorial and sales delegation at the New Orleans show.

Universal Desk

The UPI desk in Washington will become the Universal Desk on August 22nd, responsible for handling all copy for national clients.

Staffers from the Broadcast Desk (WAB) and World Desk (NTL) will be merged into the new universal desk. The daily operations in Washington will be directed by Assistant Managing Editor Lou Carr. From Atlanta, AME Jack Wilkinson will continue to oversee all of UPI broadcast products.

This change will revitalize the UPI news report, making it more immediate and more direct to all our clients.

The change also will eliminate redundant rehandling of copy on UPI desks and provide greater opportunities to use the talents of UPI staff, regardless of where they work.

Details on how the system will work appears in nwh98 (as of 8/21).

The Desk will be run by a team of News Editors assigning organizational, writing and editing tasks to one or more assistants on the desk. These editors will be named within the next week.

Staffers will be assigned to the Universal Desk on a permanent basis, just as they are now to the A-wire or National Broadcast desks.

Regional desks now handling copy will begin filing directly to the national wires, in both newspaper and broadcast format, where appropriate.

The Universal Desk will suggest angles, treatment, handling, scheduling, etc., and will monitor the report for quality. As new developments occur, these stories also will be written through, again as writethru leads.

All clients will see more copy.

Sports Switches Services

UPI Sports in New York City is working with a new supplier for its agate and basic coverage.

The Sports Ticker replaced the previous supplier on Friday, tripling the volume of material entering the computer and being made available to our customers.

Sports Ticker is the original Western Union operation made famous by President Reagan, who often recalled his days as a midwest broadcasters recreating baseball games from the information sent on the ticker.

System programmer Dave Thompson, working with UPI Sports Editor Fred McMane, will be working out some small bugs from the system during the next few days, but everything should be running normally by Sept. 1.

This change will greatly help Universal Desk editors responsible for broadcast copy. UPI will have considerably more data for following the scores of major sporting events.

Kjos Kudos

Les Kjos in Miami scored a beat of more than one hour over AP Wednesday in reporting the indictment of two University of Miami football players who were charged with making fraudulent application for Pell Grant funds.

Kjos's urgent cleared the broadcast wire at 2:54 p.m., but an hour later a Rox-only all-news radio station (WINZ) still had not even mentioned the story, despite the major interest to Miami Hurricanes fans.

A call to the station, a former client, showed they hadn't heard about it and AP had not yet moved anything on it.


Several new staffers have joined UPI in the Bay Area, selling a variety of services.

Paul Vane of Los Angeles, a salesman with a varied background in communications, entertainment, advertising businesses in Southern California. He will be based in Los Angeles.

UPI's expansion of the sales department made news in The Washington Post on Friday, 8/21.

Gretchen Georgiadis, most recently an assistant manager at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, has joined the headquarters staff as administrative assistant. She will be working with Bob Kennedy, Anne Kott, David Moir, me and others. Before going to the Kennedy Center, Gretchen was a communcations assistant and publications manager for National Assocation of Wholesaler-Distributors.

Laura Chapin, whose mother is benefits manager Annette Chapin, is winding up her summer working on the 9th floor with the finance and adminisrtation departmto work for the Humane Society of the United States and plans to go to graduate school for communications.

UPI Radio names Religion Editor

UPI Radio has hired Kim Lawton as Religion Editor. Kim has been Washington News Editor of Christianity Today.

For the evangelical community C-T is Time, Newsweek andolled into one. Kim will work with Shirley Smith and Martha Wilmoth in assembling our nightly special audio feed to religion stations.

Radio Noticias Adds 2

Armando Trull and Eduardo Salinas will soon join UPI Radio Noticias.

Armando has been news-gathering manager for Telemundo. Eduardo has been news director of a radio station in Atlanta. Both bring the kind of experience and talent that makes UPI Radio Noticias the BEST Spanish news network.

New New Delhi Chief

Brahma Chellaney is UPI's new man in New Delhi.

The 35-year-old Indian journalist and specialist on nuclear proliferation, has been appointed United Press International bureau manager in New Delhi.

Chellaney, 35, assumed his new post on returning to India from the United States where we was a foreign policy fellow at the School of Public Affairs, the ryland, and a visiting postdoctoral scholar at the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, Washington, D.C.

The U.S. Overseas Press Club in New York cited his reporting on the 1984 Indian Army assault on the Sikh Golden Temple.