Ocean Press



"Ocean Press" was a news service for ocean liners .. comprised of copy from United Press and later United Press International.

The masthead to the left indicates it was published by a separate corporate subsidiary of Scripps, but essentially under one roof with UP / UPI at the Daily News Building in New York.

The subheadline under the "Ocean Press" logo was: "WORLDWIDE NEWS of UNITED PRESS . . . TRANSMITTED by RADIOMARINE CORPORATION OF AMERICA" ... which appears to have been a subsidiary of RCA.

That masthead is from the May 25, 1936 issue ... received aboard the S.S. Washington .. which numbered it "Voyage 40, Westbound #3"


It was comprised of the four pages in the thumbnails below. To see larger versions of the pages, please click on the appropriate thumbnail. The resolution on subsequent pages is sharp enough to give you a good feeling of the Ocean Press product, with clear headlines, but to minimize load time, the actual stories themselves are not reproduced sharply enough for reading.




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