Pieter VanBennekom's 1990 Missive

Here's an Aug. 24, 1990, message from UPI executive Pieter VanBennekom concerning yet another reorganization of the company:

199m  ccccx
to all upi staffers
from vanbennekom
updating on several key topics:
   -- upi management changes: this week i met at length with upi's new
regional editorial executives, bill morrissey (northeast); david mould (south);
bob kieckhefer (midwest); and eric kramer (west).
   these executives hod authority unprecedented in upi's 83 years for designing
the newly differentiated editorial product in their regions; for achieving the
region's profit goals; for managing core editorial operations in their regions;
and directing sales and customer service efforts at the local level.
   as never before, these regional editors have been afforded financial control
of the regional upi businessess they lead, and they have broad responsibility
for satisfying upi's objectives. with the exception of the national operations
in washington and chicago, all bureau chiefs report to regional editors.
   the states comprising the four regions are:
   northeast; maine, vt., n.j., conn., mass., r.i., n.y., n.j., pa., del., md., va.,
w.va., and d.c.
   south: fla., ga., miss., n.c., s.c., tenn., ala., la., okla., ark., and texas.
   midwest: mich., ohio, ind., ill., ky., wis., minn., n.d., s.d., neb., iowa, mo.,
and kansas.
   west: calif., alaska, hawaii, ore., wash., idaho, mont., wyo., colo., utah,
nev., n.m., and ariz.
   we have carefully chosen a team of people who have impeccable journalistic
credentials and who share our vision of an entrepreneurial news agency with an
emphasis on enterprise writing and who know how to apply that principle to
our mainstay, the state and regional news services.
   kieck, as we all know him, and david, are upi veterans. so is morrissey,
although with a background that includes service on the other side of several
fences, and eric is the "new kid on the block." he comes to us from 10 years at
the ap and thereafter his own or family publishing businesses.
   in some regions, deputy regional editors have been named. they are jim wieck
(dallas) in the south, carolyn click (richmond), betsy ricci (boston) and skip
martin (philadelphia) in the northeast and tobin beck (milwaukee) and tom
burnett (cleveland) in the midwest.
   the regional editors will report to assistant managing editor for state and
regional news steve geimann in washington.
   -- sales leadership has shifted: former upi senior vice president sales pat
grotto is now responsible for parent company infotechnology's business
development efforts. upi has split media and corporate sales functions,
assigning media sales to newly appointed senior vice president-media david
haymore, assisted by vice presidents john kady (newspapers), mike aulaubagh
(broadcast) and victorial wakefield (government).
   haymore joined upi in 1984 and has done anything and everything for upi.
this 31-year-old former all-state high school hocky player is a pleasure to work
with and a thorough-going sales professional.
   -- we have in the past two months made clear that upi was never established as
a contract labor pool. rather, upi exists to provide news media and other clients
the best possible reporting and data. we are holding fast to this principle. in one
recent case, our plans for expanded state reports called for reducing staff in one
bureau, in order to enable us to introduce additional news material from other
in-state sources. one media client threatened to cancel if we did not maintain our
previous staffing level. we declined, and the client canceled the full service (though
we are exploring providing them individual premium topics and services.) our
service to upi clients is based on a single criterion: excellence in products and
services . . . not body counts. we are committed to our present course, because
only through this effort can we achieve the dramatic editorial differentiation we
have set as our unalterable goal.
   -- response to the personal profile survey has been excellent. this questionnaire
was mailed by upi human resources to all upi employees and will be used to
establish a "talent bank" data base that will enable us to identify more readily
employees' and key contributors' special language skills, work experience, etc.
upi  08-24-90 05:35 pcd