Here's a Feb. 6, 1992, item from PR NewsWire on a new UPI service:



WASHINGTON, Feb. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- United Press International today announced development of a story retrieval service that allows newspapers, broadcasters and others to electronically browse through the news agency's major story files and select any article they want for publication or broadcast use.

Called UPI-SelectNEWS, the service opens UPI's primary National-International "A-wire" report, sports, business, features and state reports to thousands of daily and weekly newspapers.

Subscribers pay only for what they want. Prices to newspapers range from $20 to $125, depending on circulation, for a story up to 800 words in length.

The new service is the second UPI news product introduced since November. The first is UPI-FaxNEWS, a low-cost facsimile-delivered script service for radio stations. UPI also is making its newsphotos available to newspapers on a per-picture basis.

"These new products meet the needs of the changing media market," said UPI President Pieter VanBennekom. "They are part of UPI's plan to emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy later this year as a viable and vibrant news service providing newspapers, broadcasters and other companies with the news information they want at an economical price."

UPI-SelectNEWS will be available to any media organization, corporation or government agency with a computer and modem. Subscribers will pay a onetime access fee of $25 and then will be able to dial up the UPI system around the clock on an ordinary telephone line.

Other than a nominal per-minute telephone usage charge, there is no cost until a subscriber decides to retrieve a story. There is no UPI charge for subscribers to scan through the menus of various reports, call up abstracts of stories and even view the entire story schedule, or budget, of any reports they want to see.

To facilitate editors' planning, UPI also is making the various schedules, or "skeds," available regularly by facsimile for a small monthly fee. Such fax-delivered skeds will let editors know what is available or planned before dialing up the SelectNEWS system.

The SelectNEWS system is keyed primarily on the major stories of the day carried in the various national, international and state files. All stories are updated continuously and subscribers will get the most recent update when they retrieve a story. SelectNEWS, however, also makes all of UPI's features and columns available for a week on a per-story basis.

UPI-SelectNEWS is a supplement to the service's traditional satellite-delivered wire services for those newspapers and broadcasters desiring the most comprehensive reports transmitted as stories develop.

UPI has bureaus in 33 U.S. cities and in 47 other countries. It delivers news services in English, Spanish and Portuguese and operates a national newsphoto service and the UPI Radio Networks.


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