1970 From Unknown UPI Sales Rep

Here's a June 18, 1970, letter from a UPI sales rep Travis Hughs to Texas Attorney General Crawford Martin regarding the installation of a UPI printer:

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blinds: Martin says AP is on month-to-month. He wants out Scotus
stories on Mondays. tmh

General Crawford Martin Attorney General State of Texas PO Box R Austin, Texas 78711

Dear General Martin:

Enclosed are documents for the UPI news service we discussed in your office last week.

Basically, it calls for UPI to provide you with one teletype machine that may be switched by your staff at will from the Washington City News Service wire to the Texas Broadcast Wire.

The rate is $275 per month. This includes all costs except those for paper and ribbons, which will cost from $2.00 to $4.00 per week, depending on your use of the teletype.

There also is a one-time installation charge of $57.

I trust all of this meets your approval. I have set the effective date for Aug. 1, 1970, so the changeover can be made smoothly.

If we are in agreement, please sign all four copies and return all four copies to me. An officer of UPI will sign them and return a copy to you for your files.

Please let me know if there are any questions.

It was a pleasure meeting you.

Regards, tmh