The Scoring Summary

Here's the "The Scoring Summary" section of David Moffit's 1979 guide on how to cover football for UPI.

The best way to assure speed and accuracy in handling the scoring summary is to keep it up to date as the game progresses. Make out your form in advance and fill it in as each period ends and/or as each score is made. It will sereve as a handy guide to aid you in writing your story...and it will be ready to file the instant you are finished filing your story.

The scoring summary moves in the following form:

ag home sums (pf) r s (pf) bc-home-sums 9-15 (tab tab return)
 Visitors (tab) 7   8   6  3--24 (return) (bold)
 Home     (tab) 0  15  7  2--24 (return) (bold)
    Home--Jones 16 run (White kick) (end pgh)
    Visit--Brown 31 pass from Smith (Green run)
    Visit--Hart 31 pass interception (Smith kick)
    Home--Black 42 punt return (Jones pass from White)
    Visit--Hart 7 run (Smith kick)
    Home--Thomas 1 run (kick failed)
    Visit--Safety White tackled in end zone
    Home--FG White 36

Always check and recheck for accuracy. Be sure the scores for the four periods add up to the team totals...and that the scoring plays add up, in points, to the total score for each team and the game.

Abbreviate team names to four or fewer letters belfow the line score. Thus, North Carolina becomes Ncar, Wake Forest becomes Wake, Alabama becomes Ala, etc.

When a touchdown is scored, list the team (four or less letters), name of player who scored (last name only unless more than one played with same name in game, then initial, the distance from the lines of scrimmage to the goal line, and the means of moving the ball forward (run, etc). If the touchdown comes on a pass list it Brown (the receiver) 31 (the yardage) pass from Smith (the passer). If the touchdown comes on a punt, kickoff or pass interception return list the distance from the point where the scorer got the ball to the goal line.

For field goals, it's Team-FG kicker's name and the distance from where the ball was held to the goal posts (10 yards beyond the goal line). Thus, if the line of scrimmage is the 26 and the ball set down seven yards behind that line at the 33, the kick (if successful) becomes a 43-yard field goal.

Always list the attendance (A-36,123) at the bottom of the scoring summary