Southwest Division Memo From 1970

Here is a March 30, 1970 memo to regional executives in the Southwest Division from Lee Hamann:

Southwest Division
Regional Executives:

You have made great progress this first quarter of the year. We have had 30 or more good contracts covering virtually every service we provide.

Fred Lankard has been terrorizing AP in Louisiana. He has taken fax business away from AP in one daily, basic TTS in another; has put us into a new daily and has captured three radio stations from AP.

Sam Hales put Unistox-II into the Wichita Eagle & Beacon, kicking out AP stocks. He renewed our basic news and pictures contracts, cancelled, in Wichita.

Ken Englade is off and running in West Texas-New Mexico. KFE, who has traded spots with Pete Kelly in AQ, has lifted two tough radio cancellations, replaced AP at one station. At this writing, we await delivery of Englade's splendid deal throwing ABC out of the prestigious Doubleday station in El Paso. UPI Audio goes into KROD for 6 1/2 years, beginning in June.

Bob Crennen and Travis Hughs teamed with Bob Woodsum for a save of the critical Unistox-6 business at the San Antonio Light. They improved our picture deal there by upgrading terms to three years, from one. TMH has picked up some interesting commercial money also.

Frank Schultz broke into the previously all-AP Denton Record Chronicle. His Unifax contract started running last week, replacing a drop from AP. Bob Cox lifted a vital newspaper cancellation in southern Colorado. Pinky Vidacovich saved Fax at a major Little Rock TV station.

We have taken from AP its KPUR Amarillo. AP's major Texas broadcast award has borne the name of KPUR's founder. It is essential to field the assessment reactions positively and promptly. We must all go after the targeted 1970 business. We should not break stride in our drives to take that AP business made vulnerable by the co-op's two high, hard increases.

With a deep bow to each and every regional exec and to each and every news and picture staffer and manger who gave us the ammunition, here are the hits we've made in recent weeks:

Sam Hales: Kansas City KCMO-AM-TV, added sports wire. Bob Cox: Alamosa Valley Courier, new fiver in place of two, $3.11 reduction. Frank Schultz: Atlanta KALT, radiowire, 5 years, from AP. Fred Lankard: Haynesville KLUV, radiowire, 5 years, from AP. Fred Lankard: Houma Daily Guide, new daily, TTS, 5 years, all requirements cleanly met. Bob Cox, Lee Hamann: Montrose Daily Press, cancellation-preventing renegotiation. Fred Lankard: Morgan City Review, TTS, 2 years, from AP. Fred Lankard: Whitecastle KEVL, radiowire, 5 years, from AP. Fred Lankard: Opelousas Daily World, Fax, 5 years, from AP. Frank Schultz: Denton Record-Chronicle, Fax, from AP mail service. Lee Hamann: Amarillo KPUR, radiowire, 5 years, from AP. El Paso KHEY, radiowire, upgraded from 3 to 5 years. Fred Lankard: Monroe KNOE-TV, cancellation lifted, rate unchanged. Travis Hughs: Crockett KIVY, radiowire, 5 years, from AP. Travis Hughs: Houston, Reserve Law Offices, radiowire @ $250 monthly. Ken Englade: Roswell KSWS, radiowire, cancellation withdrawn. Sam Hales: Wichita Eagle & Beacon, Unistox-II, 2 years, from AP; Unifax, Day & Night Wires, cancellation withdrawn. Ken Englade: Espanola KDCE, cancellation withdrawn. Travis Hughs: Houston, Savings & Loan. Pinky Vidacovich: Little Rock KHTV, Unislides added, Unifaxed renewed. Fred Lankard: Shreveport KSLA-TV, Clean renegotiated, 5 years, on Fax and Broadcast Wire. Sam Hales: Wichita KARD-TV, Fax and Wires renegotiated, 7 years; Oberlin KOMC, wires renegotiated, 7 years; Garden City, KGLD, broadcast wire renegotiated, 5 years, from 3; Great Bend KCKT, wires renegotiated, 5 years, from 3. Bob Cox: Pueblo KAPI, radiowire, 5 years, from no service. Ken Englade: El Paso KROD, Audio, 6 1/2 years, from ABC. REC-TMH: San Antonio Light, Unistox-6 & Selected renewed, Unifax renewed for 3 years instead of 1. Cancellation lifted. LAH: Laramie Boomerang, cancellation lifted, sports wire. LAH: Pampa Daily News, sports wire added. Sam Hales & REC: St. Joseph, Mo., News-Press & Gazette, contracts extended.

All of us have deals just around the corner. Let's go get 'em.

Good luck and best regards.

Sincerely, Lee Hamann

cc: S.W. Division News & Picture Bureau Managers REC DUR JD JAM EFF JT AMT RNB FT WCS NAC CRW FWL TEC PSW HRT HLS JGG