Obituary: Stan Hall - April 19, 2010   


 Stan Hall, a journalist who covered the early days of the national space program and became a top wire service editor, auto executive and newspaper owner, died after a fall at his home in Scottsdale, Ariz.  He was a native of Elk City, Okla.
  He was 75 and leaves his wife, Isabelle, his stepdaughter Catherine and son-in-law Fred Domenigoni.

  Hall suffered a subarchnoid brain hemorrhage from the fall and died at the Mayo Hospital in Phoenix April 19.
  Hall joined United Press International upon graduating from Arizona State University's School of Journalism.  He covered Edwards Air Force Base and other air bases when the government was testing aircraft that could break the sound barrier in the early days of plans to reach the moon.  He went on to cover the first landing on the moon.
  Hall worked in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Reno, Nevada UPI bureaus before being assigned to the New York City headquarters.

  In the 1960s he returned to his family's southwestern Texas farm and ran it until 1967 when UPI Washington asked him to return as Night Editor. It was there he met his Canadian-born wife, Isabelle McCaig, who was then Justice Department Correspondent for the wire service. UPI gave them  the "honeymoon suite" at the turbulent Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968.
  In 1973, Hall joined the Public Relations Division of General Motors in Detroit and became the speech writer for President Elliot M. "Pete" Estes.  He was the "voice" of Saturn when GM opened the new division in Tennesee and later became a Public Relations Director at Buick.
  Resigning in 1988, he and his wife moved to Carmel Highlands, Calif.  They bought the Carmel Valley Sun, a weekly newspaper, later changed the name to Carmel Sun and published it until 1994.  In 1998, they moved to Scottsdale to be near their daughter. 

 They lived in Bend, Oregon during the summer.

Courtesy of Dave Rosso.

The photo above is from election night of 1972 in UPI's Washington bureau.

Travis Hughes is on the left; Stan Hall standing, Grant Dillman seated behind Hall on right and Bill Barrett seated on left; to right of Dillman is Bob McNeil; to right of McNeil is Don Lambro; standing under TV is Steve Gerstel on left and Leon Burnett on right; seated in front of Burnett is Bob Taylor.