The Statistics

Here's the "Statistics" section of David Moffit's 1979 guide on how to cover football for UPI.

The single most frustrating occurence in the coverage of a football game is to have filed your lead and scoring summary in a brilliant display of quickness, then have to wait on the official statistics.

But sometimes it can't be helped. Even though you may have kept your own statistics, the official ones are those UPI moves...and they can not be filed until the press box statistician has them ready. Sometimes youcan speed things up by having your assistant standing near by the statistician, waiting to grab the totals as soon as they are compiled.

UPI carries eight sets of team statistics and they move as follows:

First downs
Return yards

In passes, you list number completed-number attempted-number intercepted by the opposing team. In Rushes-yards, it is the number of rushing plays and the net yardage. Return yards include punt, interception and fumble returns -- but does not include kickoff returns. Fumbles are total fumbled-those lost. And Penalties are number of penalties called and their combined yardage for each team.

Individual player statisticsare standard procedure for NFL games and may on occasioni (such as a bowl) be ordered by New York for college coverage

As in team statistics, UPI uses only the official individual statistics as provided by the press box statistician.