'UPI Sails Through Coverage of Bush-Gorbachev Summit'

Here's an item from the January 1990 UPI internal publication, UPI Advance:

The talks between U.S. President George Bush and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev were of a peaceful nature, but the most violent storm to hit Malta in a decade kept their superpower naval ships at war with the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

UPI Chief White House Correspondent Helen Thomas said, "It was Hugo revisited with the members of the media hoping all along that wiser heads would prevail and the summit would be moved to dry land."

Joining Thomas traveling with Bush were fellow UPI White House staffers Norman Sandler and Lori Santos. UPI Moscow Bureau Chief Gerry Nadler came into the summit with Gorbachev, as did UPI Correspondent John Phillips of the Paris bureau. UPI's chief Nordic correspondent, Julian Isherwood, used his knowledge of Malta to handle the local sidebars. London Bureau Chief Karen Davies flew to Brussels to help with Bush's stop there.

UPI Radio Correspondent Bill Small traveled with Bush for the radio network. UPI Radio Senior Editor Ken Robinson flew over to edit the network tape. They were joined by UPI Radio's Tom Rivers from London, Washington Chief Photographer Vince Mannino and UPI photographer Leighton Mark covered the photo pools in a joint operation with Reuters photos.