Wire Procedures

Here's the "Wire Procedures" section of David Moffit's 1979 guide on how to cover football for UPI:

In the South, no major football game story usually is filed on a subscriber wire until after it has been edited by the Football Desk in Atlanta. The dictationist puts the story into a desk file and abstracts to Atlanta. The News Center in Atlanta relays the edited version to New York Sports and to subscriber points in its region.

New York orders its national sports wire needs, but any questions you may have on actual game coverage (including alternate leads when requested) should be addressed to your regional sports editor.

Each Monday, New York informs bureaus of needed football wordage for following weekend games. On Wednesdays, New York advises subscribers which games will move on the national wires, including wordage and whether sums and statistics will be included. If a game in your area has been overlooked, so advise.

All stories of major football games are sent to New York and will be relayed on UPI's high speed circuits -- DataNews and DataSpeed Sports Expressway (tape). However, only a few will be carried on the regular sports wire (slow speed UN1). Until after the baseball World Series, only five top games will move in full with trimmed down versions (100 words) on games involving top-20 teams. After that World Series, college football coverage on UN1 will be expanded to carry 10 top games in full.

NewsCenters and bureaus that input directly to New York Sports are responsible for FINAL college football scores, coded so that the computer will sort them alphabetically by sections.