UPI Newspaper Clients in Texas in 1977

This is a list of UPI newspaper clients in Texas in 1977 that was maintained by the Dallas bureau and stored in dth44 (I've deleted the deadlines and telephone numbers listed for each paper, but listed UPI services and contacts at that time).

1. amarillo news globe -- a-wire & tts. jean wade (ams) and dennis spies (pm).

2. austin citizen -- tts & fax. nick pintozzi.

3. austin ut daily texan -- tts & sports, Bob Hilburn.

4. boham favorite -- tts. keith worsham.

5. brownsville herald -- tts. don duncan.

6. dalhart texan -- tts. albert law.

7. dallas morning news -- a-wire, c-wire, sports, unistox dataone. bob trimble.

8. dallas times-herald -- datanews (a-wire, b-wire, sports wire, business wire, texas wire, unifax). bill mckenzie.

9. denton record-chronicle -- tts. cathy reese.

10. el paso herald-post -- a-wire, c-wire, sports, new mexico, tts, unistox, dataone. butler sumner.

11. galveston news -- tts & sports. abe reichsteain.

12. gonzales enquirer -- tts. becky parr.

13. harlingen star -- tts. rick daley.

14. houston chronicle -- datanews (a-wire, b-wire, sports wire, business wire, texas wire.) chris shively.

15. houston post -- datanews (a-wire, b-wire, sports wire, business wire, texas wire.) carl letherwood.

16. jacksonville progress -- tts. maris fletcher.

17. killeen herald -- tts. gerald skidmore.

18. lewisville leader -- tts. tom mitchell.

19. longview journal news -- tts, a-wire & sports. rod paaschand dave middlebrooks.

20. lubbock avalanche-journal -- tts & a-wire. jack smith.

21. mcallen monitor -- tts. jack king.

22. nacogdoches sentinel -- tts. joe borders.

23. port arthur news -- a-wire, c-wire, texas tts & sports. george jinks.

24. plano star courier -- tts. mike newman.

25. rosenberg herald-coaster -- tts. george scott.

26. san antonio light -- a-wire, c-wire, texas wire, business wire & sports. bob white.

27. san marcos record -- tts. rowe ray.

28. sherman democrat -- tts. wilburn grisham.

29. sweetwater reporter -- tts. richard parrish.

30. texarkana gazette news -- a-wire & sports wire. kiki dryer.

31. tyler telegraph & courier-times -- a-wire, sports and texas tts. orvis fisk and gene strickland.

32. uvalde county citizen --tts. bill mitchell.

33. waco tribune-herald -- datanews (a-wire, b-wire, sports wire, business wire & texas wire.) dave hoster and charlie smith.

34. waxahachie light -- tts. ken flagler.

35. weatherford democrat -- tts. dolores hazelwood.


Editor's note: The Dallas Times-Herald, El Paso Herald-Post, Houston Post and the San Antonio Light -- all pmers and all former faithful UPI clients -- have folded.