UPI's UN Bureau, 1969
The following 1969 pictures of UPI's contingent at the United Nations are courtesy of bureau staffer Ted Stannard (above) - UPI 1959-69 (SX, Asia, UN).

Bureau Manager Bruce Munn

Alberto More

Ivan Zverina

Munn, Zverina, More

Stannard, More, Zverina, Munn, Reinhardt Sorge

Stannard, Munn, Zverina, More

Stannard, Zverina, Munn, More, Sorge

Zverina at far right. Standing next to him is bespectacled Richard C. Hottelet of CBS.

As a 23-year-old United Press correspondent, Hottelet spent almost four months of 1941 in Berlin jails, charged with suspicion of espionage. For a first-person account, CLICK HERE.